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Primitive Decor Penny Runner

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Primitive decorating is a style that reflects the 18th century time period with simple furnishings and earth-tone colors. From the “do-it-yourselfers” to the national furniture brands, primitive decorating is trending. The best part about this style of decorating is that it is very easy to incorporate into your home, and many people have fun creating a unique space that can be enjoyed for years to come!

Primitive decor is defined by three major themes :
Simplicity , Color, Material!


The definition of primitive is something that is basic. This is meant to represent elements of the past; therefore, this style of decorating is simple. Primitive décor is about the essentials of your home, practicality.


Natural colors are always associated with primitive décor such as taupe, brown, green and white or off-white. But you will also see colors such as mustard yellow, barn red and colonial blue in primitive country décor. A big trend common with primitive decorating is painted and distressed furniture pieces with these colors.


Raw materials are used in primitive decorating, again, and it’s a way to incorporate elements of nature into your home. You will often see different variations of wood with hardwood flooring, wood panels on the walls, logs and types of weathered wood or wood that is distressed in primitive country décor. Other materials include exposed stone and brick incorporated with flooring, wall enhancements or fireplaces.


A very important area in your home is how to decorate your table. Getting the right primitive accessories are sure to make your look something to feel proud of and something to enjoy.

Primitive Decor Penny Runner

At Homespice we offer a great variety of primitive table decor items including table runners, placemats, trivets and also chairpads.

Primitive Decor Penny Runner

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Primitive Decor is well suited to certain kinds of rugs. Generally these are rug forms that have often originated in America. These include braided rugs, hooked rugs, penny rugs and even painted sail cloths.

At Homespice we take great pride in the quality of our rugs and feel that Primitive Decor buyers will feel great satisfaction with our products. Specially at the high end, such as hooked rugs, it is not easy to find "museum quality" workmanship at our prices.

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Our Braided Rugs come in 4 materials :

In Addition we have Hooked Rugs, many of which we can custom size.

Finally our Penny Rugs are often viewed as pieces of art. They are appliqued by hand. All Penny rugs come with wall packets behind them so they can be used as wall hangings as well.

Primitive Decor Penny Runner
Primitive Decor Penny Runner
Primitive Decor Penny Runner


Our pillows are all designed for the Primitive look. They are either all hand hooked, or we have used various craft techniques to create pillows using applique and hooking.

Click here to browse our innovative yet traditional pillows.

Primitive Decor Penny Runner


Decorating elements often seen in primitive décor consist of mason jars, metal barn stars, birdhouses, braided rugs, wood chairs or straight back chairs, chair pads, table mats, wood benches and furniture.

Primitive Decor Penny Runner Primitive Decor Penny Runner
Primitive Decor Penny Runner