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From our family to your family
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Homespice’s legacy with textiles began four generations ago, when my great-great grandfather filled a bullock cart with textiles and set out to start a business. Everyone in my family has a business — it’s in our genes. We work hard, take risks and, of course, take great pride in our work.

At Homespice, not only do we sell beautiful handmade rugs — including braided rugs, rag rugs, hooked rugs and penny rugs — we live with them. Some people leave their work at the office. My work is part of my home, in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and even outside. When I tell you that our braided rugs will absorb water without mold or will stand up to a beating, it’s because I’ve tested them, day in and day out, at home. With two young sons, my personal rugs get a workout every day, whether they’re playing or taking a bath.

My son Surya loves to play with water. In the picture to the left, he’s playing with a little plastic container which he filled with water to play with. He got water all over the chair. No problem — when he was done I just tipped the chair, let water flow onto the Ultra Durable rug, and I was done cleaning. your son

In the bathroom, an Ultra Durable rug lays in front of the bath. These braided rugs are ideal for baths because they absorb spills and won’t mold or mildew (honest!).

We love this rug because when Surya is done bathing, he stands on the rug, we wipe him off and there’s no Cleaning that needs to be done.

The rug doesn’t even need to be picked up for drying! Even when he puts his race cars on the rug and sprays them with the shower, there is no mess to clean up.

I love this product! At the Homespice warehouse, we even put one of our rugs to the ultimate test.

we set it outside of the warehouse door in the dead of winter (see below).

It frosted up, as you can see, but it handled even these harsh conditions just fine. Our product lines are great for Country homes — they’re designed living with kids, pets and all-season decor.

Our products are available at Country stores across the USA, especially those offering Primitives and Country decor items such as Braided Rugs, Hooked Rugs and Penny Rugs.

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If your Homespice braided rugs make your life easier, or if they take a beating and keep holding up, we’d love to hear your story!