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Dining Room Decorating Ideas

The elements of decorating your dining room are very similar to kitchen decor, you are somewhat limited by the need for functionality. Although the dining room has one specific purpose, it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your style in this space. We have identified five elements of design to help you decorate your dining room with your favorite style of decor.


Once you know the style of decor you want to use in your dining room, it is easy to choose a color palette that would work for your space. For instance the color palette for primitive decor includes colors like taupe, brown, green and white, as well as dark blue, red and gold. So once you know you want to use primitive decor in this space, you would take time to choose specific colors from these options and then assign them to different areas of the room. It is important to choose specific colors for the wall, furniture and decor pieces as well. You want the colors to work well together and create a contrast from light to dark throughout your space.


Every dining room should have a table and chairs, as well as some sort of serving area where drinks or side dishes can be placed and easily accessible during your meals. It is also common for dining rooms to have a display space for formal china or patterned dishes. Depending on your space you may choose to have all of these pieces or you may have a table and chairs and one additional piece of furniture that includes storage, display areas and a buffet. Regardless of how you incorporate these pieces it is important that the style of the furniture match your style of decor. If you are using coastal decor you may want to use furniture that is painted white and display aqua mixing bowls or dishes along with large seashells found on vacation. Regardless of how you incorporate your furniture, be sure to use furnishings that look great and are comfortable for your family.

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One of the main focal points of any dining room is the lighting. This is one element where you can really transform a space into your specific style. You can choose a more traditional style of chandelier for transitional decor or you could display a unique DIY Mason jar chandelier for rustic decor. Just be sure you test the lighting to be sure that your chandelier will light up the space enough at night time. If the lighting is a little scarce you may want to use higher wattage bulbs or install some sconce lighting along the walls for additional lighting and style.


Just another need? Think again! The type of seating you select for your kitchen can make a huge difference in your decorating efforts. If you are looking to incorporate farmhouse decor, you could choose wicker or high back chairs. You can even pull different styles of chairs around the same table. In the farmhouse kitchen example, you could have two high back chairs and two wicker chairs at the table to bring in both elements of farmhouse decor.



The last element of decorating your dining room is the use of area rugs for your space. An area rug can help enhance the style of your space and bring in additional colors. Rugs can also help keep your home flooring clean. You can even incorporate an indoor/outdoor rug in your dining space for a more durable and stain resistant option. Overall, an area rug can truly help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your dining space.

Decorating your dining room should not be difficult, it should be fun. This space is simply an extension of the style of your home. Don? be afraid to incorporate family photos or wall hangings with your favorite landscapes as an additional touch. Regardless of how you incorporate style into this space be sure to create a room where you will want to spend time with your family and friends.

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