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Coastal Decor
Coastal Decorating Ideas

Coastal décor is a fun, casual style of decorating that is all about getting in touch with nature. This style is the lighter side of primitive decorating. Both styles of design use similar elements, only coastal décor uses lighter, brighter hues of colors.

The following are the main elements to coastal design:


Great lighting is a huge part of coastal décor, after all the idea behind this style is to replicate how you feel when standing on the beach or cruising on the lake. These activities usually take place on a sunny summer day. Bright lighting can be achieved quickly by incorporating all of the natural light available to you. You can do this by opening up window coverings or using top down window coverings instead of the traditional bottom up blinds. This will allow a constant stream of natural lighting without sacrificing privacy.

Natural Materials

There are a lot of natural material choices that define coastal décor. Many people often include weathered furnishings in this category. Other natural materials include variations of wood, sisal and other natural fibers, sea glass or glass tiles and shells or shell-like materials. It is important not to include too many seashells in coastal décor or it will be too much; however, the goal is to use different materials that simulate the types of items found at the beach or lake.

Bright Colors

One of the most fun elements of coastal décor is the bright color palette. Coastal colors include the following five colors of blue, brown, white, orange and green. However, this style of decor tends to incorporate all different shades of these colors into home design. If you really like bright turquoise there is a place to use it with this style, but you can also build a room’s décor around the subtle green of a palm tree. The main take away from this element is that the color palette should brighten your space and should also work to create a calming atmosphere for your family.

Decor Ideas

An easy way to include the elements of coastal design in your home is to start with the color palette and use of natural materials with functional pieces of your décor. A great way to do this is by picking one room to complete and then move throughout your home. Choose a coastal color palette for that room and begin by painting the room one of the lightest colors available within your color options. Then you can bring in natural materials with items like textured lampshades, colorful throw pillows and indoor/outdoor rugs in order to achieve that coastal feel.

Homespice Décor is a manufacturer of braided rugs, table mats and flat woven rugs items all used in the elements of coastal décor.

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