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There are many rooms of your home where you are able to determine the function of the space. The kitchen is not one of those spaces. We all need the space to prepare, eat and store food and dishes. Often it is far more dificult to decorate the kitchen due to the need for functionality of the space; however, ... is really very simple to incorporate design and decorating items into today's functional kitchen space.


Before we dive into sharing how you can decorate your kitchen it is important to know what type of style and decor that you want to incorporate into the space. You may really like the look of primitive decor you may want to incorporate the look into your kitchen as well. Once you know the type of decorating style you are going to incorporate, it is time to start collecting ideas and incorporating this style into your kitchen.


Use the same color palette of the style that you are looking to incorporate into the room. Review the color palette used for this type of style and then choose light and dark colors to use in your kitchen. These colors should be applied throughout your kitchen with cabinetry, countertops, tile, flooring and the wall color as well. If you are going for a white, coastal kitchen you may even want to incorporate white vintage appliances into the space.


Everyone needs storage in the kitchen for daily use, as well as special occasion dishes and glasses?hat's a lot to store in one space! Creativity is key when incorporating storage into your kitchen. You can store canisters and plates above existing cabinets, creating a display that will add to the style of your decor. You may have the need to bring in additional pieces to provide more storage. This is a great opportunity to add a decorative flare that may be missing from your desired look. However you decide to incorporate additional storage don't be afraid to get creative within the style of decor you are working to portray. After all that's what will make the space customized for your family.


Just another need? Think again! The type of seating you select for your kitchen can make a huge difference in your decorating efforts. If you are looking to incorporate farmhouse decor, you could choose wicker or high back chairs. You can even pull different styles of chairs around the same table. In the farmhouse kitchen example, you could have two high back chairs and two wicker chairs at the table to bring in both elements of farmhouse decor.


Other decor items to include in your kitchen include wall hangings, collections of dishes, area rugs, xtures and backsplashes. These items can provide the nishing touches for the style of your kitchen. If you are incorporating primitive decor, you could install a sink that portrays the primitive look or even a restored sink from the 1800s. These finishes will help to complete the look of your style in a way that is unique to your kitchen.

Decorating the kitchen can be a little intimidating. Making changes to cabinetry and backsplashes may be overwhelming for some people, but these changes don? have to be made all at once. You can even choose a style of decor based on what? already in your space. At the end of the day, it is important to create a room based on a style of decorating your family will