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Warming a Space

By Junior Gupta July 12, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments
Country Rugs


Country Rugs

Country rugs are a beautiful addition to every home. Whether your home is a small high rise condo or a large family home with lots of land, country rugs can help portray a comfortable, warm appeal. These rugs warm a cold floor, add color to a white room, and bring a welcoming feeling to your dining room.

cotton braided rug

Country rugs come in many different colors, sizes and materials. For example, choose a braided rug in cotton, jute, Ultra Durable or wool. All these materials are durable enough for everyday use. In addition to being able to withstand high foot traffic, country rugs are full of color and enhance any space where they are placed. Country rugs can be found in different shapes like round, oval, or rectangle. These fit in all spaces and will even divide a large space giving definition to an open floor plan.

jute braided rug

These amazing rugs are great for giving as house warming presents as well. Consider giving a hooked, braided, or woven rug to a loved one who just bought their first home. The rugs can be bought in different sizes so that they fit in every space where they are needed. There are runners for long hallways that invite guests into a warm home. There are also large rectangle rugs for under dining room tables. You can also purchase more than one for around the kitchen floor. Every rug has a place in a home where it will function beautifully.

wool braided rug

Country rugs

Country rugs are a great accessory for any home. You don’t have to own a house in the countryside to have these lovely rugs compliment your hardwood floors. They pair well with any house style. Country rugs are versatile and beautiful. They are affordable for most budgets and require a low maintenance approach to keeping them clean. Consider a country rug the next time you are looking to add a bit of warmth to a room.

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