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Uniquely Styled Rugs

By Junior Gupta April 20, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Uniquely Styled Rugs

Padula Flowers Hooked Rugs
Hooked Wool Rugs

Say you’ve moved into an apartment and aren’t permitted to paint the walls but your space needs color. There are ways to make an apartment feel like home even without painting the walls! There are many ways to spruce up a boring space. If you are looking to add color and interest, consider placing throw rugs in various locations. Hooked rugs are an elegant way to add color to a space. They are custom made to be unique and special for every buyer. A hooked rug makes a great centerpiece for a room or even as a subtle accent. With amazing colors and patterns, there is sure to be one for every buyer, every room, and every home’s style.

These special rugs are hooked by hand and made from wool. They are made in a traditional style with high quality. Hooked rugs are available in a lot of different earthy colors. Choose from shades of dark blues, greens, and yellows. You can even find a rug with earth tones of browns, reds, and greens. These rugs are perfect for every room in the house. They are also easy to clean, however, wool rugs require special care so pay attention to the care instructions that come with the rug.

Hooked rugs are available in sizes 2’ x 5’ or 2’ x 3’. Choose the one that suits your space the best. They are all versatile enough for many different styles of homes, architecture, and color pallets. Place one in the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. Your guests are sure to notice and ask you where you purchased it from. They are definitely going to want one of their own! If you’d like to add interest to a bedroom, try putting a hooked rug in the center of the room.

With so many amazing places to put a wool hooked rug , there should be one at the top of your list to buy. These rugs are fantastic purchases for any home, whether it be a small white apartment or a colorful four-bedroom home. You won’t be disappointed with whatever rug you choose to purchase for your home. Your family and guests will be impressed with the best throw rugs in the neighborhood.

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