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By Junior Gupta March 3, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments


Flagstaff Wool Braided Rug

A Warm Addition to Your Home

Comfortable, durable and the feel that turns a house into a home is what we call our collection of Ultra Wool Rugs

Canterbury Wool Braided Rug

One of the simplest ways to transform the complete interior of any room is through rugs. It gives a new look, provides warmth and adds a splash of color to your surroundings. Select the Ultra Wool Rug of your choice and you’ve added new charm to your rooms. With a large variety and color palette, you will be spoiled for choice.

Our rugs are not limited to only classic interiors; give them a chance to add style to a contemporary home and to act as a foundation for classic home décor.

Why go for Ultra Wool Rugs?

Why Ultra Wool Rugs and not the other rugs available in the market? The answer is simple...
Quality and Simplicity at an Unmatched Price.

Yes, each of our rugs goes through stringent quality checks. Each braid is handpicked that ensures toughness and longevity.What is more, you will never really get tired of having this cozy rug around you. It doesn’t fade or change texture, even with active kids running around and pets lazing the whole day.

Still thinking about it?

Well, what if we remind you of it’s cost efficient maintenance. Just throw it in your washing machine or just hose it down and get it ready to be spread out once more. In short, Ultra Wool Rugs are:

Wool Braided Rug

Before you place your order, here are some handy tips to pick the best rug for your home.

Flagstaff Wool Braided Rug

1. Don’t Try to Match Each and Every Thing

Of course, you want the rug to fit into your existing furnishings but you don’t really need to match each and every item in your home. Select one or two items around the rug to coordinate the colors. Having a contrast is also a good idea.

2. Select Shape as per Furniture Placement

It’s not always possible to push and move each and every piece of furniture in your home. So before shopping for Ultra Wool Rugs, make a mental note what will go well with the placement. Somewhere you can place the furniture around it while the rug is also highlighted without much space adjustment.

3. Integrate not Isolate

Usually, whenever we buy something new we want it to stand out.Of course you would want that for your rug as well. But to give a complete picture of your home, let the furniture sit on the top of the rug, pushed towards the end. Pushing the furniture out off the edge, makes the rug look like an isolated island and feel completely out of place.

4. The Shape of Your Room Matters

An organized look will maximize your floor space. To give a large and well planned look to your room, pick the rug that is in a shape of the room. So a square room should have a square rug. However, if your room is large and you want to split it into two different styles of décor then round or oval rugs that balance out the furniture placement work the best.

5. Don’t be Shy to Make a Statement

Making a statement let’s your creativity and flexibility come out at its best. Think like you want to add that ‘Wow’ element to your interiors. The braided Ultra Wool Rugs is just what you need to get the look you need.

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