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By Junior Gupta April 7, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments


Find a Spot in the movie Room

Ultra Durable Rugs are not only the popular choice of our customers but also the preferred pick for the movie Room nominated for four Oscars.

Ultra Durable Rugs

Room is the movie based on the famous novel ROOM. The movie revolves around a small room where the world of a five year old child and his mom starts and ends. In this small room comes alive our range of Ultra Durable Rugs.

So whats so special about this rug? Well the answer is, its durability. The story is about captivity, where the choices are limited and the bare minimum is the only source of comfort.

The Ultra Durable Rugs here does its bit. The rugs are water resistant, dirt proof and stains simply vanish. So, when little Jack and his mom live their life out of this tiny room, the rug sticks by them. It maintains its texture, color and gives the only little source of comfort for both of them.

Its literally that rug on which little Jack has played, jumped, eaten and slept and still find it inviting enough to relax on it every day.

Why Movie Makers Selected it?

The movie makers were looking for something that looked classic, blended with the simple interiors of the room shown in the movie and yet was elegant enough to catch the attention of the audience. Even the smallest trailers showcase the simplicity and durability of the rug.


Strength that planned the final Escape

The climax of the movie when Jack plans the deadly escape, is where the strength of the rug is actually shown. Jack is rolled inside the rug and plans his escape from the captive life he has lived so long. The rug doesnt bend, fold or look thin. The strong structure of the rug holds the boy and he comfortably escapes his prison hood.

What makes the Ultra Durable Rugs Unique?

Ultra Durable Rugs can just about handle anything. They are meant for everyday use both indoor and outdoor. Weather doesnt beat it down, nor do spills make it look ugly. Some features that make it stand out:


Ultra Durable Rugs


Find out more about Ultra Durable Rug features here.

Ultra Durable Rugs
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