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Ultra Durable Rugs: Rugs that Weather the Storm

By Junior Gupta May 11, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments
Ultra Durable Rugs

Ultra Durable Rugs: Rugs that Weather the Storm

Rugs that Weather the Storm

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going…

This is literally what our Ultra Durable Rugs promise to do. To put it simply, this is a rug for busy homes with tiny feet, naughty pets and the door open to welcome guests any time, any day.

Ultra Durable Rugs provide the ultimate in stain protection while staying soft to touch and colors that never fade. The rugs are not only a perfect addition to the traditional country décor of your home both the interiors and exteriors but also the most economical way to warm up both the interiors and exteriors.

Features of Ultra Durable Rugs

Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor Use: Ultra Durable Rugs have been made from high quality braids that can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them fit for both internal and external usage. You can put them out on your patio, deck or even your kitchen and you wouldn’t see a difference even after spills, mess and dirt.

Wick Water: Weather can be unpredictable with rain, mud and dirt all set to make your floors look quite messy. But with the sturdy polypropylene construction, the Ultra Durable Rugs allow water to dry quickly, giving you a clean and dry floor to walk on. Select from attractive colors and invite friends to a clean and fresh looking home every time.

Ultra Durable Rugs

Stain Resistant: Our rugs are high quality rugs made from materials like polypropylene that are stain resistant. The rugs can stand up to everyday wear and tear and completely avoid those horror stories where your guests spill red wine or food on your favorite carpet or rug. Just wipe it away and you can literally see the stain vanish. To put it in one simple sentence… stains take care of themselves with Ultra Durable Rugs.

Awesome Anywhere: So your interiors have sofas of a dark shade and your exteriors have white chairs. Well our Ultra Durable Rugs come in large and medium sizes in a range of colors that is sure to blend with any bright color or subtle shades of your home. They give a tasteful look and blend in with your existing furnishings without any changes. Quite pocket friendly we would say.

Great for Kitchen, Kid and Pet Areas: We understand that rugs can’t be flawless. There will be spills, there will be kids running in excitement about the project they just completed and those baking sessions that sometimes go wrong. So, we created the Ultra Durable Rug that pretty much works like magic and makes all those ‘not so perfect’ moments vanish, giving you a clean and beautiful looking rug every day.

Easy to Wash: Even though our rugs will absorb just about anything and the spills will vanish, you may still wish to give them a wash. But the rugs don’t need dry cleaning or the help of professional cleaners. Just throw them in your washing machine or hose them down and spread them out flat to dry.

Easy To Clean: A soft and simple wipe can clean them; this is what makes the Ultra Durable Rugs truly durable. The pain of vacuuming is not the best solution when you need a rug for daily use. But a rug that can self-maintain itself and all you need to do is wipe up the mess and relax, is the perfect solution for any home.

Ultra Durable Rugs is the Answer to your Silent Wishes

When you think of purchasing a rug, there are few things that are always at the back of your mind. Let’s list them out and see if our rugs meet all your wishes.

Driftwood Outdoor Braided Rugs
  • Feels good under your feet after a busy day
  • Looks elegant and fits with your décor
  • Gives a safe, comfortable spot for your kids to play
  • Perfect for sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort
  • Is not high maintenance
  • Long lasting and simple to manage
  • Lays out flat and avoid falls and trips
  • Doesn’t fade or show stains
  • Water resistant and doesn’t smell
  • Comes in different styles and sizes
  • Doesn’t blow your budget
  • Comes with some kind of guarantee
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