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By Junior Gupta September 30, 2015


Allentown Jute Braided Rugs
Plumberry rugs

Rugs can add color to any part of your home that needs brightening, made more dramatic or more inviting. There are various kinds of rugs available in the market. A rug, if strategically selected and artfully laid out, can help make your room look much more cozy or roomier. When choosing a rug, the color should depend on where it will be placed, and on the color you have chosen for your walls. It can be something that blends with the room, matching the color palette of your walls. Or you can place rug at the center or corner of your room in contrast to the general color theme in the room for a dramatic flair.

Medallion Cocoa rugs

When buying a rug, you have to be absolutely sure that the quality is good. If you buy it from a store, touch the material and buy it only if you like the feel of it against your skin and be sure you see the rug actually lying on the floor. A rug pattern and colors can look very different hanging in a display rack as opposed to how it will look on your floor.

If you plan to buy it online, then buy it from a trusted firm. Decide where you want the rug to be placed. If it’s in a corner, then buy a rug that fits snugly into the corner. Be sure about the measurement of the corner. If there are ends of the rug that do not fit along the walls, it will be a misfit in the room.

Rugs play multiple roles. Their color can add charm and definition to the room. At the same time, if they are made of a lush fabric, then they can be an extremely comfortable part of the room. Lush rugs are usually placed in front of fire places. You could lie down on the rug by the fire, and laze indoors during the cold, winter evenings. If put in front of a fireplace, a thick rug can give the room a very cozy look.


The rugs that you buy should further define the furniture and decor of your room. The rug should not be so bright that the rest of the room is overshadowed by its color and texture. It’s something that should add to the charm or ambience of the room. Rugs stand out if they are overly bright or if the size is a misfit. You can find a variety of indoor and outdoor area rugs online.

The process of selection will be lot easier online as you just have to sit in one place and decide. So, choose a rug that fits the mood of your room, and sit back to enjoy the effect it has on your surroundings and your mood!

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