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Tips to Decorate with Rugs - Homespice

By Junior Gupta March 27, 2015

5 Coloring Schemes for
Better Decorating

 Patch Cotton Braided Rugs
Seascape Cotton Braided Rugs

Colors add brightness and contrast to any space, be it home, office or any other area.Various colors have been known to have different effects on a person’s mood. So don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Choose a mix of right blends and see the area transform right in front of your eyes! Let me give you 5 tips on how you can use colors to uplift your living space.

1. Choosing a Color Scheme:

Cotton Braided Rugs

It can be a difficult process; trying to decide on the right scheme of colors for the whole house. This can be simplified by using your color wheel. You can then narrow down your choices to 2 color schemes. This will be the easiest way to start.

Analogous Color Scheme

Analogous colors such as green and yellow, orange and red or violet and blue are next to each other on the color wheel. Rooms that use this color scheme are generally more restful and causal when it comes to coloration. This scheme is best suited to be used in informal areas of your house. Bedrooms and family rooms, where a person normally heads to for some rest after a tiring day look best in analogous colors.


Complementary Color Scheme

Complementary colors like green and red, orange and purple or yellow and blue are across from each other on the color wheel. Rooms which are decorated with this color scheme in mind offer a clear separation of colors and are also more formal. This color scheme will look perfect in formal areas of the house for e.g. the dining room or the living room.

2. Go Black!

This is an old saying in interior designing. A black element like for e.g. a picture frame, a lampshade or even a black box or any other accent will help clarifying and enhancing all other colors in that living space. Give it a try!

Outdoor Braided Rugs
Black Outdoor Braided Rugs
Black Forest Outdoor Braided Rugs

3. Keep the Color Flowing

For you to create a lovely flow of colors, right from one room to the other, choose a color you’re using in one particular room and then restate the same in another way in the next room. To state with an example, if your sofa is blue, then the same blue can be used for the fabric of the seats in the dining room. Use your color in smaller or larger degrees as you move around the house. That same blue from the sofa in your living room can be translated as, for e.g. mats in your kitchen or lampshade in the main room.


4. Take Contrast into Consideration

When talking about a space, high in contrast, meaning, a room which uses dark and light values of combination of colors, for e.g. light gold with burgundy, looks highly defined and clearer when compared to a space which is low in contrast, for e.g. a room done in color pairing like sage green with saffron yellow. Thus, high contrasts can be used to make a room more formal while low contrasts can be used for inducing soothing qualities. When paired together, white and black give a little formal outlook. Beige with white is however low contrast and offers a calm feeling.

Venetian Glass Braided
5. With Colors, Get Emotional
Cotton Braided Rugs

All of us associate colors with things they represent. For e.g. in our heads, yellow may represent fire, red can be associated with blood, love or anger, blue is the sky or the sea, green represents the plants and the trees and so forth. These are normally considered as emotional responses instead of intellectual responses. Thus use colors to specify the kind of emotional contact you want to have with a particular room. If you want your living space to look lively, then you can choose yellows and reds, if you prefer calmness, use shades of blue.

Colors add meaning to your life. Go play and experiment! Follow the above mentioned 5 tips and add a splash of color to your lives.

Homespice has rugs to match all color schemes. Use multicolor rugs to bring disparate colors in a room together. Use simpler colored rugs to stay within your color scheme.

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