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The Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift

By Junior Gupta May 3, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift:

10 Reasons to Buy a Rug

Flagstaff Wool Braided Rug
Cottan Braided Rug

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the obvious gifts are mugs, jewelry, gadgets and gift baskets. Isn’t it all too predictable? Imagine all those surprise parties your mom put together for you, or those moments of your life that she made extra special just by her exceptional touch. Then why should your gift look like you’re too busy to think it through?

Let’s try something unconventional like the Ultra Wool Rugs. Yes, you never really thought about it and that’s why she will be so surprised and happy. Can you deny that she would really love these beautiful classic looking rugs for her room? If you are still thinking, if it’s really a good idea, then here are the 10 reasons to buy a rug on this Mother’s Day.

1. Different Sizes and Still the Perfect Fit
Have you tried gifting your mother an outfit that either doesn’t fit or she doesn’t like the color? Well, with the Ultra Wool Rug collection that surely is not going to be a problem. The rugs come in different sizes, colors and shapes. No matter how little or how large the space available, we have just the rug for you to select from. Click to view our new collection.

2. Unique Designs that Looks New Even After Regular Use
Remember the time your mother went from one store to the other in search of the perfect dress or shoe not compromising on quality and durability? She wanted nothing less than the best for you. Our rugs are just like that. Forget the stress of poor quality, colors fading or shrinkage. Each of our rugs has a unique design. So no two rugs really look alike. The rugs are also highly durable and maintain their texture and color. Even after repeated use, the rugs will look just out of our showroom. Simply put, it is ageless beauty and deserves only the best owner, like your mother.

preston wool braided rugs

3. Never Goes Out of Style
Ultra Wool Rugs have a classic look and blends in with any kind of interior. It can never go out of style. Something she can take pride in for years to come. You can select from outdoor rugs, penny rugs, braided rugs and lots more. Each rug is different, comes with a different style and fits in with your requirement. If you have a requirement, we have a rug.

4. Useful and Easy Maintenance
On Mother’s Day, your mother definitely doesn’t want something that will add to her chores. Gifting her something like a home décor item that will be placed on a shelf is not really useful to her, is it? But our rugs can do three things in one go.

  • It is useful and can be used wherever she wants
  • It is literally zero maintenance. Spills and dirt magically vanish. Here’s the secret.
  • It keeps her snug and warm on cold evenings, giving a cozy look to the home.

5. It’s Good for Health
Yes, that’s correct, our rugs will help keep her healthy. The rugs trap allergens, dust and other contaminants that can cause different health problems. Since the rugs are so easy to maintain, you really don’t have to worry about cleanliness. In a way, the rugs make home maintenance simple and easy.

6. A Safety Layer
Slips and falls can happen to anyone. However, with age our parents become a bit more vulnerable to this. But our anti slip rugs give a kind of safety layer and added protection from sudden trips and slips that ordinary wooden flooring can’t provide.

7. Reduce Echoes The common ways to cut down on echoes in your home is to load it with furniture and heavy drapes that you don’t really require. Also, it is expensive and high maintenance. But our rugs reduce echoes and are not expensive or space consuming. Just lay it out and see the difference yourself.

8. Give The Look of More With Less
One problem with home décor gifts is, they either look very small or quite overwhelming. So, you really don’t know what your mother will appreciate. But the rugs have a solution for this problem as well. Select two of different sizes and create variety and space at the same time. It will not cost an arm and a leg and can make a space look new and inviting.

9. All Packed and Ready for You Just handing over a packet with a new smartphone or kitchen gadget is definitely not the way to gift anyone anything. We understand, packing it right is always a task in itself. We have you covered. No matter which rug you chose, we will pack and deliver it to the location you want. We ensure that the rug is delivered on time and without any damage to the person it’s meant for. Of course Free Shipping is there.

10. No Crazy Last Minute Shopping Yes, Mother’s Day is just about here and if you are reading this, it means you still haven’t picked a gift for her. Rushing to retail shops for that last minute gift shopping and selecting something half heartedly is not a great idea. Just browse through our sections and pick the rug you want and we will get it delivered for you, right on time.

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