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The Best Ways to Decorate with Rugs

By Junior Gupta May 13, 2015
timber trail jute braided rug

The Best Ways to Decorate with Rugs!

An ideal rug not only pulls the room together, it also makes the space complete, adding quality and style from the floor up. Brighten your room from one wall to another with luxurious textures and handcrafted detailing found on rugs. A good rug adds excitement to a room as well as defining it, adding warmth and layering the decor of any room. So the question here is what’s the best way to use a rug to add that charm to your home? Let’s have a quick look at a few tips.

  • Kilimanjaro Jute Braided Rugsbaja blue cotton braided rugUse a rug to separate or define areas, such as dining, foyers or seating areas. This is especially useful in places like studio apartments or big rooms which require definition.
  • In case you wish to use more than a single rug in your room, then ensure they are of different sizes. Two rugs of the same size tend to visually cut a room in half.
  • If you do choose two rugs, then pick rugs which complement one another in style. If they don’t, you can end up with an unpleasant or a jarring effect. Too many conflicting patterns will affect the sense of harmony of the room.
  • Slate Outdoor Braided Rugs
    Your favorite rug can be used as the basis of the room’s color scheme. If you add a rug after you’ve put the furniture in place, the rug can be used for accenting or tying in the existing colors.
  • A rug can be used either to brighten a room or visually calm it. If the upholstery or the wallpaper in your room has a fancy pattern, then pick a subtle rug. For subdued walls and upholstery, go for a busier rug pattern to add a little spice to the room.
magnolia bedroom rug
rug pads for rugs
  • Make the rug the centerpiece of your living space since rugs tend to create a huge impact. In order to do that, a contrast can be created by painting the walls in a color which mirrors one of the rug’s accent colors.
  • Try something different! Use the rug as a wall hanging instead and create a focal point.
  • The days are gone when rugs only came in rectangular or oval shapes. Today you can buy round, square, and other shapes, too! Let the grouping of your furniture decide your rug's shape.Change out pillows and rugs to quickly update a room or space for changing seasons or to introduce novel color trends.
  • Use a rug pad to keep your rug from creeping or slipping. Make sure the rug pad is right for the floor type and the right size to keep it from sliding.

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