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By Junior Gupta December 11, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments


Flagstaff rug
Country Walk Outdoor Braided Rugs

You would be amazed at the touch that outdoor rugs add to any environment. They look amazing on a deck or patio, poolside, or entryway. Don’t discount the inviting warmth that just the right outdoor rug will bring to the front porch. The best thing about outdoor rugs is that they are resilient to the elements, dirty shoes, and puppy paws.

Outdoor rugs bring warmth and depth to any outdoor space. They are easy to clean with a hose and dry quickly in the sun or hung up to air-dry. Outdoor rugs come in many shapes and sizes to please any house or landscape style. Consider earth tones and natural shapes for the patio or pool deck. A burst of orange and yellow mimic the sun and add brilliance to the back porch. Define a place for the kids to play or the dog to snooze with a colorful, washable, and durable outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs make a nice addition to any outdoor space but also provide a durable way of transforming indoor space.

outdoor Rugs

A mudroom doesn’t have to be covered in mud. Consider placing a low maintenance outdoor rug to catch dirt before it gets into the house. Kitchen floors also tend to get dirty quickly. Food, liquid and traffic make it difficult to keep kitchen floors spotless. A well placed outdoor rug will catch spills and can easily be wiped clean. Even the front hallway, where company comes calling, is an inviting place to lay a durable outdoor rug.

outdoor rug

With so many beautiful choices, outdoor rugs are not what they used to be. Braided or woven, it doesn’t matter. Pick the one you like the most. Consider placing outdoor rugs in more places than just outside. With their durability and easy clean-up, outdoor rugs make a great choice for any homeowner. They come in earth tones and brilliant colors which add a touch of fun to any space. Outdoor rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so pick one out today that matches your décor. Pick an outdoor rug that you will want to walk on for years to come. Outdoor rugs are not just for the outdoors anymore.

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