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Shaker Rugs

By Junior Gupta September 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
Shaker Outdoor Rugs

Shaker Rugs

Past Tradition Meets Present-day Convenience

How have the look and styles of Colonial Shaker furniture and furnishings affected the decisions you make about how you decorate your home?

Surprisingly – more than you might think. What exactly has the Shaker tradition contributed to present day America?

Home furniture and furnishings woven rugs, ladder-back chairs, tables, desks, cupboards - made with love - durable, functional and with a harmonious design.

Anything else the Shakers contributed that we still use today?

Dozens of useful items, including the circular saw, flat brooms and clothespins. But the golden thread that runs through all of the broad list of items the Shakers built was that every item was made thoughtfully, and as close to perfect as they could make it. That was a manifestation of their religion and a solid tradition respected by all who knew them.

It is this heritage that inspired Homespice to create woven Shaker-style rugs that would live up to the sterling Shaker reputation.

Aurora Outdoor Rug

When we set out to create a Shaker-style woven rug with the look and feel that we admire, we soon discovered that it was not possible to do that on a modern-day, fast-paced factory loom. And so we spent time and energy to seek out antique looms so that we could give our Shaker rugs an authentic look and feel. Those are the looms we use today to weave these rugs. They’re a bit slower, as are most antiques, but they are the only way to create the authentic look and feel of a woven colonial, Shaker-style rug. And that’s what you want isn’t it - something that looks and feel authentic?

Walnut Outdoor Shaker Rug
Maverick Outdoor Shaker Rug

We are delighted to be able to announce that our care and ethical approach in re-creating the Shaker style has resulted in rugs that have exceeded even our high expectations. We are pleased to have 5 new variations in color and appearance, each in 4 different sizes. And the exciting part is that these new Shaker rugs are within our ultra-durable line. That means that as well as being beautiful they are completely washable and stain-proof. Our new Shaker-style indoor-outdoor rugs were designed to enhance your Americana country primitive décor but also fit well with many other new-meets-old styles.

  • Bring a new look to your home and increase your personal convenience at the same time – what could be more satisfying?
  • See youtube video for a dramatic demonstration of exactly what that means for you.

This new collection of Shaker rugs reflects the harmonious design, high quality and easy-care functionality that is so loved and respected in the Shaker tradition. The neutral tones were designed to blend with objects like spindle-backed chairs and natural materials, straight-backed chairs, comfy cushions, braided chair pads, soft throws, colorful baskets, benches, and your favorite accent colors. Where do they fit?

  • Under the dining room table
  • In your hallway
  • Beside the fireplace
  • Anywhere at all
  • Even outdoors on your patio.

You will always know that your mold-resistant, Shaker-style rugs will create a warm, new look that is stylish, fresh, and easy to clean. These woven Shaker rugs are the perfect blend of rich tradition and outstanding, contemporary convenience. As the rugs are a woven, ultra-durable style, they are an ideal foundation to help home decorators create cozy, elegant, indoor-outdoor spaces at reasonable prices.

The darker color mixes in the Aurora, Duncan and Thistle are distinctive, yet neutral, and can be used even in your most difficult, high traffic areas. Add touches of bright colors.

To create a dramatic, updated look; subtle, muted colors of rich elegance; or lush forest colors for a cozy, comfortable feel. Or combine the gray and black tones in these ultra-durable Shaker rugs with accents of pearl gray, pewter, soft white and silver for luxuriant elegance.

  • Aurora Black Outdoor Rug
  • Duncan Outdoor Rug
  • Thistle Outdoor Rug
The rich browns and creams and enduring designs of the Maverick and Walnut rugs will add a soft charm to your home and will blend
with any color of the accents that make you feel happy and contented.
Whether your furniture is natural wood or distressed paint, rich leather or straight-backed chairs with basket- woven seats and chairpads, these colonial inspired, Shaker-style rugs will showcase your home in a comfortable display of love and warmth. For a beautiful new look, cozy, elegant feel, and complete convenience in care and cleaning, the new shaker rugs come in 4 sizes and will be in popular demand
for more details or call us at 770-934-4224 for answers to any questions you may have
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