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Rug Care Tips

By Junior Gupta June 1, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
braided rugs

Rugs are something which not only add to your home décor, but also prevent your home, especially the floor, from getting soiled or dirty. So it’s essential to take proper care of the rugs to preserve their beauty and usefulness for years to come. Caring for rugs is determined by the construction, material and size. Here are good tips about caring for your rug and cleaning it properly.

Pile rug


It’s very important to vacuum rugs regularly, especially large rugs. If it is a reversible rug, then both sides should be vacuumed. This removes grime and grit which can prematurely wear out your rug. Note: Many types of rugs, such as braided rugs, should only be vacuumed without using the beater brush (bare floor setting).

rug cleaning brush
rug cleaning brushes


Vacuuming may sometimes leave behind pet hair. Remove the hair with the help of a stiff brush.

outdoor rug


Sun and foot traffic can put the rug under extra stress, so turn it over once or twice each year to even out the wear. If furniture legs or other heavy items rest on the rug, then also rotate the rug once or twice a year so the same areas are not always under pressure from the furniture legs.


Smaller rugs can be taken outside and shaken or beaten vigorously to get rid of the grit and dirt.


Special rugs require special care and cleaning. Keeping tags with care instructions in a file or leaving them on the rug can save you from making mistakes.

Cotton Braided Rugs

. Check your rugs for any break in stitching before and after cleaning. Check the labels to see if the rugs are washable or if other cleaning methods are recommended.

. If the care instructions say the rug is machine washable, use a front loading washer without an agitator bar in the middle. Wash the rug in cold water on a gentle cycle. Dry it on a low setting if recommended on the tag or let it air dry

. Laying a rug flat to dry is the best way to dry it. Place your rug on concrete flooring or you can also put an old blanket underneath it to protect other types of flooring. Remember, rugs may bleed some color when wet or while drying, so be careful where you dry it. Also if you hang it over a rod to dry, the rug is very heavy when wet and can stretch out of shape if the rug is not hung evenly over the rod.

. Foam: When using rug cleaning foam (commercial foam), follow the cleaning foam’s directions about first testing for color-fastness and then follow the directions for using the foam. Finish it up by vacuuming or rinsing. Let it thoroughly dry before you place it on the floor.


Have a look at the rugs offered by Homespice Décor. Their rugs are made from top quality material and they have an entire line of water and stain resistant rugs, which absorb water and are mold and mildew proof.

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