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Right Rugs When You Have Kids

By Junior Gupta June 1, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Right Rug When You Have Kids

wedgewood cotton braided rugs

Searching for kid-friendly rugs can be an immense task. One way to narrow down the choices is to keep in mind how you will use the rug. Do you get a lot people running in and out of the room? Is there a lot of dirty shoes from sports? Do you have lots of spills? Do you have pets in the house? Read this article and you’ll have a fair idea as to what will be the most ideal rug for a living area with kids.

kids friendly braided rug

1. For food spills, juice/milk spills, kids’ painting and crafting mishaps (just wait until your kids mix glue, glitter and water colors together), we recommend stain-proof rugs to withstand with these incidents.

2. With babies and toddlers, we recommend a washable rug to make clean-up easier after throw-ups, spills and potty accidents.

3. For toddlers who stumble a lot and fall down, choose rugs that will help cushion falls and bumps. Make sure the rug is of medium thickness or more for decent cushioning.

Ultra Durable Braided Rugs

4. Generally go for washable rugs which can be easily washed with soap and water or put in the washing machine.

5. For areas where kids might play with crayons, paints, play-dough, tea sets or other things which could leave a mess, we again recommend an easy to clean, stain-proof rug.

6. For the bathroom, go for a rug which absorbs water to keep kids from slipping or tripping. Note: use a rug pad or buy a rug with an anti-skid backing.

7. Today most of your kids’ favorite characters from books, movies, TV and videos are available for play areas. Such rugs are great for a kid’s bedroom.

Outdoor Braided Rugs

8. Also for the bathroom, a mold & mildew resistant rug is a great way to lessen the time you spend cleaning the bathroom.

We hope you find the best rugs for your home. A great rug will keep you smiling. At Homespice, everyone here with kids uses Ultra Durable rugs as they are stain-proof, washable, mold & mildew resistant with a sturdy, cushiony thickness.

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