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Quality Braided Rugs

By Junior Gupta September 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Add A Touch of Elegance
to any room with
Quality Braided Rugs

You know braided rugs add warmth, you know they add charm, and you know they add coziness to your home but did you know they can also add a touch of elegance? It’s true - but first, let me be clear that not any old braided rug will do. Be sure you purchase a high quality braided rug that has colors lovingly designed to complement each other, braids tightly braided to endure, and strong thread to carefully stitch them together and you have the foundation for a beautiful, quality braided rug that can last a lifetime. These are the ingredients of all Homespice braided rugs.

That touch of elegance can come in many materials. So let’s take a look at some factors to consider. All 4 brands or styles of Homespice braided rugs – cotton, jute, wool and ultra-durable include rugs that can add a touch of elegance to any room in your home.

So how do we achieve an elegant look? Elegance comes in many colors, styles, and shapes, but one thing seems to be universally agreed upon - elegance is usually found in understated beauty and simplicity. To choose a braided rug that will look elegant in your home you will generally choose simpler color combinations that gently complement or dramatically contrast with the tones of your furniture and accessories. You could probably create an elegant look with almost any Homespice braided rug but some are more obvious than others. It is the whole presentation that determines elegance. Homespice cotton braided rugs such as Wedgewood, Plumberry and Enigma are examples that can easily be used to create an elegant look. Jute rugs such as Coffee, Nightfall and Salem are logical choices as well. Ultra-durable monochromes are clear choices and wool – well wool braided rugs can be elegant in any setting.

  • wedgewood-cotton-braided-rugs
  •  Enigma cotton braided rug
  • nightfall jute braided rug
  • salem braided jute braided rug

There are many Homespice quality braided rugs to choose from, but some clear winners that can look elegant anywhere, and be used both indoors and outdoors, are the ultra-durable rugs monochromatic colors. Black (in shades of black and grey), Espresso (rich, warm browns), Pine (gentle sage green and grey), Sand (subtle gold with flecks of grey) and Slate (light and dark greys) are go-anywhere colors. Ultra-durable braided rugs have the added advantage of being stain-proof. Even wine stains, food, condiments and puppy piddles will not harm these ultra-durable rugs. Wipe or hose the stains immediately so they won’t get tracked around the house or deck and they are as good as new. See youtube videos showing how amazing these ultra-durable rugs are at this address: Or just Google ‘Homespice ultra-durable rugs’ on youtube. They are definitely worth watching if you’re even considering an ultra-durable braided rug.

  • black mist outdoor braided rug
  • espresso outdoor braided rug
  • pine outdoor braided rug
  • slate outdoor braided rug

Another factor to consider when choosing an elegant braided rug for any room in your home is the use that room gets. Some materials are more functional than others in certain conditions.

• Is it high traffic? Is the braided rug for the hallway where wet boots or rain gear track through? Is there likely to be food that may get spilled such as in the dining room or kitchen? Is it for a child’s room where drinks, water, insects, paints and crayons or puppies and frogs all make an appearance? Think about ultra-durable braided rugs for these areas.

• Or is it a calm, adult conversation area? Or a bedroom that is not a high traffic? A cotton, jute or wool braided rug works well in these areas, although an ultra-durable braided rug fits anywhere.

Junior Gupta
Homespice owner

• Is it a whole room or a special corner? If it’s a whole room that is fairly large, you have options to think about: you may wish to use choose two or three rugs that are the same except for the size and shape; or rugs that are all in the same tones, but not exactly identical. This needs careful thought so it doesn’t look too fragmented or too boring but subtle differences do help to create interest while maintaining that elegant look you want.

• Remember elegance is almost always created with simplicity and harmony in design and application. It is seldom achieved with a busy, cluttered look.

Any room in your home can look elegant with the addition of cotton, jute, wool or ultra-durable braided rugs. You just need to pick the ones that you feel most comfortable with for your lifestyle.

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