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Primitive Home Decor Items - Homespice

By Junior Gupta March 23, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

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Primitive Home Decor Items

A well designed and decorated home speaks a lot about the owner. Many people prefer to decorate their homes with modern items, whereas some people prefer primitive decorations. In primitive decoration, a variety of materials are used like, braided rugs, stair treads, stylish pillows, braided table tops, hooked rugs, flat woven rugs, chair pads, and many other items. They provide a primitive aesthetic look and thereby beautify your home interiors.


Some homes are very elegantly designed and the owners feel that they can only use modern decorations in their homes, however once people become aware about primitive decorations, they can change the look of their home without spending much money. Decorating in a primitive style is a type of rural look which was created many years back and over the years has evolved from a variety of creative ideas.

This is the kind of decorating where you pick up an old metal watering can and turn it into a table lamp. Primitive decorations can be found in a variety of places such as old antique stores. In a home decorated in the primitive style, you might find old antiques that have been restored to their original luster or you may find handmade crafts adorning the walls. Many primitive pieces are painted, sanded and made to appear old. These primitive items will look chic and classy in your home. They would add a nice warm and a cozy feel to the whole ambiance and make your living area stand out!


In many homes that are decorated with the primitive style, you will see a variety of traditional colors in soft yellow, blue or green. Much of the paint is intentionally 'crackled' giving it the country or aged appearance. Old plates can be used for wall decorations, dried spring flowers can be made into garlands to convert dull rooms into beautiful ones. Thick, hand-woven rugs, blankets, and scarves can be used to decorate walls and floors, as well as beds and tables. Look for brightly colored natural fabrics and materials, or animal furs. The primary thing that one looks for when using Primitive Home Décor is a rustic appearance with a fashionable look. Always remember that you don't have to decorate your entire home with primitive decorations, a couple of interesting pieces here and there can give your home a new and classy look.

Primitive Rugs
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