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How To Take Great Care Of A Hooked Rug

By Junior Gupta August 21, 2017

How To Take Great Care Of A Hooked Rug

When you buy a rug, you want to be sure it is properly handled so that it can last you a very long time. Rugs aren’t just for stepping on, they are also works of art that can make the rooms of your home look more beautiful, carry a certain theme, or both. Here are things to consider for when you take care of your rug..

In regards to a primitive hooked rug, we recommend that you do not place it in an area with high traffic or which has a lot of moisture. A bathroom floor can get wet after somebody takes a shower. A kitchen floor can get wet after using a sink or if somebody cleans it. A floor or carpet by a doorway can get wet when somebody walks inside after rain or snowfall. All of these scenarios are not good for hooked rugs. An ideal place to lay a hooked rug is a parlor, a bedroom, a hall upstairs, or even hung on your wall.

When placing your hooked rugs on a floor, always use a non-stick rug pad that you can buy from your rug retailer. With a pair of scissors, cut each pad to make it half of an inch smaller than your rug on each side. Inspect your pads often for possible signs of wearing down.

Do not back your hooked rug with a fabric backing. This fabric backing can collect and trap particles of grit and dirt that can wear down the fibers of your rug over time.

If you plan to hang a hooked rug, there are a few ways to do so. The most common way is to hand it from a dowel that is hung to the wall, connected by a cotton or linen sleeve that is sewn to the back of the rug. Never use glue, tapes, or adhesives to affix your rug to a wall, and also never hammer it to a wall using a nails.

Hooked rugs are to be cleaned very delicately, not like other clothes or bed sheets. There are cleaning tools and appliances that you cannot clean your rug with, or else it will be ruined. The two most common culprits of a damaged hooked rug are floor vacuums and washing machines, so by all costs, keep them away from your hooked rugs.

A small, portable vacuum is what you need to clean a hooked rug, usually accompanied with a cheese or mesh cloth covering it to reduce the suction.

If you notice a stain or dirt on your rug, absorb it with a white cloth as soon as possible. Do not use detergents or chemicals to clean your rug, and above all else, do not soak the rug in water. Moisture will cause the backing of the burlap to become saturated.

On occasion, turn your rug over to allow dirt and other irregularities to escape from it. If you want to do this outside, place it on a clean sheet and preferably on a table, so the wind can brush away the dirt. Do not shake it, beat it, or fold it to try to remove dirt, and we advise against hanging it on a clothesline outside to let it air out.

Following these steps should keep your hooked rugs looking beautiful for many years.

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