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How to Make a Room Like New without a Full Remodel

By Junior Gupta March 21, 2022 Leave a comment Go to comments

How to Make a Room Like New without a Full Remodel

Your aspirations of moving and buying the house of your dreams may be put on hold right now during this real estate boom. Homes are flying off the market, and people have to bid way over asking to be considered as a buyer. If it’s not good timing to move right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a calm and inviting space in your existing home that makes you happy.

A few simple updates can turn your living room from drab to exciting and new! You don’t have to break down walls, redo the flooring, or replace all the furniture to update your space.

7 Steps to Refreshing Your Living Room Without Breaking the Bank

If you are on a tight budget, choose the few items on this list that mean the most to you. When you walk into your room right now, what part of it makes you feel like you need to update the room? Change what you don’t like and let the rest complement the new additions.

1. Add New Lighting: You can update light fixtures or add lighting to dark parts of your room. For example, lighting along the floor can add great ambiance during weekend movie nights. Or lights under the cabinets and along the wall can brighten otherwise dark areas.

2. Paint the Room or Add an Accent Wall: Sometimes, all your room needs is a new paint job. For example, update the paint to a modern white or gray tone if you moved into a home that didn’t quite wow you with the paint color. Or you can go bold by adding an accent wall of either a solid color or a fun wallpaper.

3. Replace Hardware on the Cabinets or Drawers: The door pulls on cabinets and drawers can change the tone of the room altogether. Change out the boring silver circle knobs for gold, straight lines that are simple and modern.

4. Put Down New Farmhouse Braided Rugs: The use of rugs to revamp a room can change everything! Maybe you have flooring that is starting to look its age. You can delay the need for replacement flooring by adding rugs. Your feet will thank you as well, providing a soft place to land when you step off the couch. Braided rugs come in a variety of colors, including rectangular and oval shapes.

5. Open Up the Space: Rearranging the furniture and opening up space can have a considerable impact on your room. For example, if you have a bulky coffee table in the middle of the room, move it out for a change. Then, move the furniture all the way back to the wall. Finally, add a mirror to open up the space even further.

6. Declutter: After living in a home for a few years, you can start to accumulate stuff. And sometimes it’s not even just papers and trinkets, but furniture. Declutter the space, including furniture, to make the room feel like you just moved in.

7. Frame a Focal Piece with Small Braided Rugs: If you have a piano, desk, or TV stand that is part of your living room, try using a small rug underneath to either draw attention to the gorgeous piano or section-off a desk that is meant to be off to the side.

When you dedicate some planning and thoughtful decorations to your room, you can make it new again. Choose a color to sprinkle throughout the room that will bring you joy. Throw blankets and pillows can go a long way with sprucing up an old piece of furniture. And durable braided rugs last forever and can be rotated and have multiple uses when redecorating.

Using Braided Rugs to Renew a Space

You can mix and match and play with the shapes and colors of primitive braided rugs to transform a large room into a dynamic space. Here are some ideas of how to choose the right country braided rugs for different circumstances:

· Hang a Patterned Rug on the Wall: If a beautiful, patterned rug on the floor is not receiving the full appreciation it deserves with furniture sitting on top of it, you can hang it on the wall. Braided rugs are lovely to use as a piece of art in your home.

· Use a Rug to Section Off the Room: If your room is so big that half has been dedicated as a home office or practice room, you can use a rug to mark the different spaces. Split a room into two by using rectangular braided rugs.

· Lay an Area Rug on a Patio Space to Extend Your Home: No matter what size of patio you have to work with, you can extend your indoor space by making your backyard an extension of your home. Start with laying an oval braided rug and then see how quickly the space is transformed into a homey spot to relax at the end of a long day.

· Add a Rug to an Entryway: If you have a large entryway lacking in character, you can add a rug and a side table to bring it to life. Imagine inviting company inside to a beautiful braided rug that captures the essence of your beautiful home.

When you invest in quality rugs, you can discover multiple ways to rotate the braided rugs around and reinvent your home. Do not worry about entering into big construction projects when the wait time is months out, and the prices of lumber and supplies are through the roof. Instead, make small changes that will result in huge improvements to your living room.

Find Your braided-rugs Inspiration at 

Start with a focal piece for inspiration when redecorating your home. When you browse, you will find a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. The most high-quality rugs can be found by shopping on our website, with ultra-durable braided rugs and a one-year warranty on all products. Start shopping today. 

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