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How to Combine Hard and Soft Textures for a Modern Design

By Junior Gupta May 25, 2022 Leave a comment Go to comments

How to Combine Hard and Soft Textures for a Modern Design

What does it mean to use texture in your interior design? Perhaps you look around the room and see the same soft fabric on your couch, curtains, rugs, and pillows. You have a few pictures hanging but no accessories that add depth to the space.

When you learn about mixing textures to make your design shine, you can have fun with the pieces that you find.

8 Tips for Implementing Various Textures into Your Interior Design

Consider the places where you can add texture. Your flooring, paint color, and large furniture pose as the blank slate to your design aspirations. What can you add to the room that will make it pop? When you mix a variety of textures, you can bring intentional variety to your home. Play with different textures to find what is too much and what is perfectly in line with your design esthetic.

Follow these tips:

1. Layer Textures: 

There are so many ways to layer textures in your home. This may be represented by a rectangle cotton rug in your entryway with an oval braided rug on top of it. Or, you can choose a three-dimensional piece of art to hang on your accent wall as the focal point of your home. Adorn your granite coffee table with rustic, wooden bookends. Or stack a mix of new and old books on the end table. The glossy book spines mixed with woven, fraying covers will not only represent your reading preferences but also offer an engaging focal point.

2. Bring Outdoors Inside and Vice Versa:

Decorate with plants and flowers to add outdoor textures to your inside space. Choose a variety of plants: tall, bushy, colorful, and delicate. Bringing in bits from outside will offer an unmatched texture that is refreshing. Use artificial plants mixed with fresh flowers for even more diversity. On the flipside, makeover your outdoor patio by implementing indoor fabrics. For example, a comfy braided jute rug will soften up the concrete space.

3. Choose a Variety of Fabrics:

Look around your room and identify all the places you use fabric in your design. You may find fabric textiles in the furniture, curtains, pillows, tablecloths, rugs, throw blankets, coasters, and more! Mix and match fabrics by choosing a furry pillow on your fabric couch. Add tasseled curtains or woven coasters for your drinks. Place a soft, cozy flour pouf on top of your braided wool rug.

4. Add Textured Accent Furniture:

What kind of furniture can you add to the room that will add texture and also be functional? For example, a woven tweed bench at the back of the couch can offer a space to sit down and put on shoes. In addition, a leather accent chair can break up all the textile furniture in the room. Finally, a rustic tree stump may add an extra seat at the end of your brick fireplace hearth. Each of these furniture pieces can work together to provide the combination you are seeking.

5. Mix Shiny and Matte Finishes:

Look around at the textures in the room. Matte finishes can be all the rage in coffee cups, frames, and light fixtures. When you mix a matte finish with shiny, glossy finishes, your eyes will be along for the ride. Try choosing similar pieces, like two vases side by side, one with a polished look and the other matte and muted. If your coffee table is polished and shiny, choose a matted bookcase for the other side of the room.

6. Don’t Forget About Light Fixtures:

Mixed metals are up-and-coming in modern design. Imagine chrome accessories mixed with shiny gold light fixtures. Or a brushed brass basket mixed with nickel-colored wall sconces. Use light fixtures to introduce textures that are not yet offered in the room. However, be careful not to display several one-off textures for light fixtures. For example, you can choose a matte metal for the central light fixture and then stick with one other texture for the supplemental lighting.

7. Search Out Textured Art Pieces:

Some art pieces use texture to bring the work to the next level. For example, find 3-D art or sculptures that are smooth and painted. Display a round braided rug on the wall to introduce a woven texture while adding color at the same time. Find art that uses geometric 3-D shapes, offering a popped-out, symmetrical design that will attract focus.

8. Implement Varying Home Accessories:

Choose a bold color and paint several statues to add around the room and distribute hard, uniform textures. Choose metal baskets, granite paperweights, and wooden stools to change up the surfaces of various functional aspects of the room. Your design accessories can add cohesiveness and excitement to the space while offering function and convenience.

Exploring different textures becomes a journey. You don't have to get it all right in one weekend. Instead, be on the search for exciting design pieces that will add variety to your home. You may find a statement braided rug that perfectly juxtaposes a tasseled throw pillow this week. And then add in a matted vase for the corner bookshelf a month from now. As the room evolves, you will better appreciate your style choices.

Country Braided Rugs for Added Texture in Your Home

At Homespice, we have home design in mind when offering a variety of braided rugs. We have what you need, whether you are looking for oval braided rugs, rectangular braided rugs, outdoor braided rugs, or braided area rugs. Every color combination is available, such as white braided rugs, black braided rugs, and red braided rugs.

Shop today to change up the texture of your room with our top-quality woven rugs at affordable prices. You can include farmhouse chic into your style while offsetting the braided rug with softer fabrics to mix things up and keep your design updated and progressive.

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