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How to Choose the Right Size of Rug for Your Living Space

By Shruti Sehgal May 28, 2021 Leave a comment Go to comments

How to Choose the Right Size of Rug for Your Living Space

When you look at interior decorating trends in the home, you will see the increasing popularity of hard floors adorned with colorful, charming rugs. The hardwood or tile floors offer convenience in being easy to clean up dirt and spills. Then you can add a touch of personality and coziness by adding area rugs like large oval braided rugs that can be the focal point of the room.

There is an art to choosing the correct rug size for your room. You don’t want to make the furniture look too overpowering with small braided rugs. And you also must be careful not to take away from the other aspects of the room with an oversized carpet that may get in the way. What is the perfect size of rug for your home?

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Size of Rug

You may be looking into a small or large-sized rug for your space. No matter the dimensions, there are some rules to consider:

1. Make sure the rug is 6 inches wider on both sides of the furniture that braided rugs lay beneath.

2. Allow 18-30 inches of walkway between the rug and the wall. This will stop the high- traffic weathering of your rug.

3. Center the rug with the furniture in the room for a cohesive look.

These rules will apply in big or small rooms, including living rooms, patios, bedrooms, and offices. Some small rugs can be used as accent rugs as opposed to filling the whole room. Here are some ideas that may help you add style with different sizes of rugs.

Décor Ideas for Rugs of All Sizes

If you are looking for oval or rectangular braided rugs to flow with your farmhouse style, you can consider a variety of sizes that will transform the look of your room.

Small Braided Rugs

For rounded or rectangular rugs that are the size of welcome mats, consider these few options:

  • Under a Front Door Mat, Layered: The layered look with rugs is very popular right now. You can have a welcome mat with a cute saying like, “Welcome Y’all,” and add a braided rug underneath for style and creativity.
  • By the Kitchen Sink: With so much time spent in the kitchen, rugs can make the experience more comfortable and softer on your feet. Plus, add personality to your kitchen with primitive braided rugs.
  • At the Foot of the Bed: Again, you can layer here for an innovative look. Layer a smaller rug on top of the area rug under your bed for a pattern combination that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • In a Bathroom: Many people forget to decorate their bathrooms. You don’t have to go all out, but adding color and patterns with braided rugs can go a long way.

Large braided Rugs

4 x 6’ Country Braided Rugs

This size is excellent for filling in small, boxy spaces. You can add dimension by placing farmhouse braided rugs in an otherwise empty and lacking space:

  • Entryways
  • Office Under a Desk
  • Patio for Floor Seating
  • Decks

5 x 8’ Rugs

As rugs get bigger, they go from being an accent to adding a function. Consider a space that is larger that needs some softening with a comfortable, warm rug:

  • Small Bedrooms: Imagine a child’s bedroom with hard floors and no rug. It can be challenging to get down and play on such hard surfaces. A braided rug in a bedroom can make the space more useful for playtime.
  • On Top of an 8 x 10’ Rug: Allow a bigger rug to frame the main star of the show in your 5 x 8’ rug.
  • Laundry Room: Another design space that can be forgotten is the laundry room. When you add a colorful rug and a couple of decorative shelves, the room becomes warm and welcoming.
  • Outdoor decks/ Patio: Outdoor braided rugs are a great addition to the outdoor space and bring life to the outdoor living space.

6 x 9’ Country Braided Rugs

Whether you prefer round or rectangular rugs, there is always a room in need of larger rugs to fill the empty and cold flooring. Use this bigger rug size to:

  • Section off a Small Sitting Area within a Room
  • Place Under a Piano or Keyboard
  • Style a Patio Seating Area or a deck

Rainforest Multi Color Ultra Durable Braided Rugs




8 x 10’ Area Rugs

An area rug is meant to fill the whole room, making your living space feel put together and intentional. You can thoughtfully put an area rug to use by:

  • Framing Your Kitchen Table: While it isn’t sensible to put your dining room in a carpeted room, a braided area rug is a great alternative. You can easily spot clean and vacuum an area rug and still use it to bring your dining room to the next level of décor.
  • Placing It Under the Main Suite Bed: Stepping out of bed onto a warm, braided rug is how you want to start each day. The shock of a cold, hard floor is not very calming. Adding a rug under your bed is just the styling your bedroom needs.
  • Adorning Your Grand Room with a Stylish Rug: An area rug in your main living space can be used as a neutral, softening detail. Or you can use it as a statement piece with a round rug and deep, vibrant colors. Place your furniture atop the carpet and make a large, spacious room feel intimate and unified.
  • Outdoor decks/ Patio: Outdoor braided rugs are a great addition to the outdoor space and bring life to the outdoor living space.

The rise of accent and area rugs is on-trend for a reason. These removable rugs transform a room from stale to exciting. They can easily be rearranged for a refresh and clean up magnificently. You do not want to miss out on this modern style piece.

Midnight-Moon-Counrty-Primitive-Ultra Durable-Braided-Rugs-Room


In Summary

There is a rug shape and size for every room. Look at these ideas to find what braided rugs are the best for your home. You can never have too many rugs throughout your living space—alternating bold and neutrals throughout your house. You can even think outside the box and add a braided runner for your kitchen table. Give your home a feeling of coziness and harmony by accessorizing with small and large braided rugs.


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