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Homespice Launches Ninja Girl Bags with an eye to improving Women’s Safety

By Junior Gupta December 20, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments
outdoor braided rug

Homespice Launches Ninja Girl Bags with an eye to improving Women’s Safety

hand bags
country-walk outdoor braided rugsJunior Gupta talking to victim's relatives

We have launched a brand new product line with a difference. Handbags whose sales contribute to women’s safety where your bags are made.

As I moved to India I noticed that there is a huge problem of crimes against women. As I spent time on this issue I have also realized that many of the victims are at the margins of society and have no help. I have decided with the handbags to donate 10% of sales to women’s safety. This should be most of my profits. It is my attempt at a “Social Enterprise”. This is a new trend as people look around the world and see that NGO’s have not solved all the world’s problems, so now a new concept of “Social Enterprises” are emerging.

braided rugJunior Gupta marching for women's safety in New Delhi, India

There is another huge advantage. Through commerce as these handbags get shipped around the country thousands of people get to read about what we’re trying to do, through our website they get to read about victims, real world challenges and make real world impact.

Last year (2015) over a 10-month campaign of creating a movement, I was unbelievably lucky in getting a new law passed in India which was stuck in Parliament. Through street protests we created such a media frenzy that we were able to get a deadlocked Parliament to work for 5 hours and pass a Bill which was stuck in between politicking. Even today we get to read in newspapers how the new law is helping people get justice. The Law is called the Juvenile Justice Act.

This year we are working on things very similar to what’s happening in USA which is getting Rape Evidence kits standardized (they barely exist in India) and to get samples tested within a quick timeframe (currently 50% of samples go to waste due to inefficiencies). As I write this I feel very hopeful that we will succeed.

outdoor braided rug

So how do Ninja Girl bags help? Everything needs money. Yes, I also need time, but when we organize an event, or a protest, or a march, we need money. Posters, Sound systems, renting buses they all cost money. Organizing a panel discussion costs money. Now we are releasing a short video to educate people to stop harassing girls. I am so happy that we are able to do these things. The confidence I have in being able to do all these things is through Ninja Girl Bags, that yes we have created a way to fund Women’s Safety work wherever your products will be made

Let’s hope we succeed in creating change and Ninja Girl succeeds in empowering women.

---Junior Gupta

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