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Give Your Home a Rustic Feel

By Junior Gupta April 7, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments


There is something about good old rustic charm: it makes your house become a home and certainly looks more inviting. There are people who pay a lot of money to make their brand new things old. Worn out stuff, especially in a country home, has an adorable appeal. This is what is making rustic home décor such the rage around the world. Everyone is looking into affordable tips to make their homes appear weathered with happy memories 

Primitive Home Décor is increasingly popular and incredibly easy to achieve, given the right guidance. Let us discuss some easy ways to bring that old, pastoral appeal into your homes, that makes your haven look something like straight out of an era gone by.

  • The first thing that you can do when trying to achieve the vintage look, is to age the floors and give them a historic finish. You can achieve discoloration of wooden floors by whitewashing and then staining them for a rustic look.
  • If you want to create a focal point in a room, you can use a reclaimed brick wall to create a point of interest. You can also salvage some old building materials and use them to create patios and outdoor paths. These antique bricks in their weird shapes and discoloured hues will add the element of rustic that you have been looking for.
  • There is nothing that adds historic charm the way antique appliances do. You can use old appliances in the kitchen that can be easily found online, or buy one from a yard sale. The point is to look for genuine items that fit into your retro/vintage look like a charm.
  • Old doors have so much element in them. They all tell stories of their own. Installing a front door that has been aged with patina will set the expectations of your visitors right from your entrance. They know that they are going to be entering a home that is old-school in appearance, but very comforting in spirit. If you want to give your urban home a cottage like feel, then old doors make the cut brilliantly.
  • You can also install vintage style plumbing for décor. You can get extra creative and merge old and new for an exciting look. An all-white color scheme is not only fresh, but can also pull off the overall rustic theme easily.
  • For extra appeal, consider using ancient hardware on cabinets and drawers. Make your drawers, handles, knobs, latches and every other hardware in your home a vintage elegance.
  • Nothing spells rustic the way natural materials do. Combination of wood and stone is what ties the whole vintage feel together. Don't forget to use their textured camaraderie in your home décor.
  • A home that is to be designed with a rustic theme is such a fun project. Aging a new house is not only an exciting project but also one of a kind process that connects you with your home at a much deeper level.
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