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5 Rug Tips for Cat Lovers

By Junior Gupta August 20, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
cat lover rugs

When we talk about floor decor, if you have a cat, then her habits are central when choosing a rug. Choose a rug which is cat-compatible and you can make sharing your living areas more enjoyable for both you and Fluffy.

cat lover rugs

1) The most important thing here is you would want a rug that resists accidents, stains and Fluffy’s fur. The most stain resistant rugs are made of synthetic fibers. Polypropylene and Nylon are highly recommended as they keep stains at bay.

cat lover rugs

2) A lot of rug manufacturers and retailers offer chemical treatment which is stain-resistant. These are generally considered safe for air quality indoors, but a few chemical-sensitive users report that this is debatable. If you and/or your feline have an environmental sensitivity history, then you might want to go light and easy on additional treatments.

Midnight Moon Outdoor Braided Rugs

3) Avoid white rugs (unless you own a white cat). But even if you have a white cat, blemishes are easily visible on white or light-colored rugs. So choose a blend of dark and medium colors with specific patterns in rugs as they tend to mask stains like cat poop/vomit and hide cat hair much better.


4) Plan for the worst and get a rug that is extremely easy to clean in case Fluffy forgets the way to her litter box. Synthetic, reversible rugs are generally easier to clean with soap and water and to vacuum up cat hair. They are also more durable.

    • cat lover rugs
    • cat lover rugs
    • cat lover rugs

5) A thicker rug, such a braided rug, has more material to help trap liquid from soaking through to your hardwood floor or carpet. Look for a rug that is stain-proof, water-proof and super absorbent.

We suggest Homespice’s Ultra Durable rugs which can be hosed off and air-dried. You can even use bleach on an Ultra Durable with no fear of ruining the rug’s color.

cat lover rugs

So if Fluffy left a smelly mess and you really want to be sanitary, you can use the bleach to sanitize the rug and then just rinse the rug with water in the shower or with a hose outdoors. But if you don’t find Fluffy’s mess right away, an Ultra Durable rug will have absorbed the liquid mess until you have time to clean up.


A smart choice in pattern or color can help hide fur and accidents between cleanings. And choose smartly in rug construction type and materials to make deeper cleanings easy on yourself. Ensure you do your research very well before you invest in a cat-friendly rug so you and Fluffy will both be purr-fectly happy with it.

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