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Design Trends for 2022

By Junior Gupta March 30, 2022 Leave a comment Go to comments

Design Trends for 2022

The home has become a space where people spend more time than ever. They are working from home, exercising in the house, and seeking entertainment in the home. Because of this, the most prominent trends emerging for 2022 are all things comfortable, cozy, and welcoming. So what makes a space desirable to be in for days on end?

In this article, we will explore the up-and-coming trends. First, transform your house without putting money into a full renovation. Instead, you can add simple touches that will bring out a modern aesthetic in your home that is just enough to make it feel refreshed.

7 Home Design Trends for 2022

When you give your home a design refresh, you will feel happy to step into your personal space every day. The simple transition from your home office to your kitchen or living room can be a renewed experience when you have the right decorations in place. Without traveling to and from the office, create an exaggerated transition from room to room.

1. Earthy Tones: This is the moment for chocolate browns, tans, and all the earthy tones to make their comeback. In this callback to the 70s, you will find deep brown layered beneath lighter brown shades to create warmth in a room that may feel cold and aloof. Hang a rectangular braided rug in a chocolate brown on your wall to layer under a piece of artwork. Embrace the browns to transform your space into a modern throwback.

2. Design Inspiration from Nature: In line with the return of browns, you will find that bringing pieces of nature into your home for design purposes is all the rage. If you haven’t noticed, house plants are an obsession that is not going away anytime soon. Throw in some fresh flowers to brighten up a kitchen or entryway, and you’ve got an affordable and easy way to redecorate. Contrast the live plants with a soft braided mat underneath to mark their delivery from the harsh outdoor elements into the comfort of your home. If you don’t trust yourself to keep plants alive, find pieces of artwork or murals that emphasize nature and forestry. Also, natural materials will liven up your nature designs, like a primitive braided rug in an earthy tone.

3. Bold Patterns Over All White: The all-white look is out, and bold patterns are moving their way in. You will find more rooms that are enveloped in monochromatic colors with white or cream accents. Patterns will add versatility to a room full of color. Create a palate that is tasteful and exciting. And don’t be afraid to show some personality and adventure in your design choices. For example, add a bold braided rug under a coffee table to make the furniture more attractive.

4. Mixed Designs and Textures: As we are talking about versatility, consider how you can implement textures into your design aesthetic. Forget about staying on brand with one style. Instead, mix a farmhouse braided rug with modern curvy furniture. There is no one way to decorate your space. As long as you love the pieces separately, they will flow together.

5. Dual-Purpose Rooms: Maximizing the space in your home is essential when you have more people living and working from home. A divider to separate your workspace from the common room is a great way to make a home office without having your private space displayed for all to see. Or you can use braided rugs under a desk or piano to clearly mark that it is a separate area from the adjoined sitting room.

6. Leather Furniture in Curvy Shapes: Leather furniture and upholstery contribute to the comeback of brown and earthy tones. They also offer diversity in textures that are trendy right now. Gone are the days of big, chunky, square couches. Instead, the soft edges of curvy furniture add a cozy feeling to the room that homeowners are seeking. Add an oval rug under the curvy shapes to tie the room together.

7. Leveled-Up Outdoor Space: The backyard patio or deck space has become an extension of the home. Instead of searching for a house in this real estate market with additional square footage, people are maximizing every section of their property. Add an outdoor kitchenette or grill, a sitting area, and a bar, and your backyard is transformed into an entertainment haven. Soften up the hard surface of a concrete patio or deck with a braided area rug. You can choose an oversized rectangular braided rug or small accent braided rugs as you step outside the patio doors. This soft landing will only emphasize the warmth that your extended liveable space offers outdoors.

How can you implement these new trends into your home design? Whether you are building a new home or would like to redecorate your place, you can find simple ways to add these designs. Then, when you put effort into redecorating, you will feel a renewed sense of pride in your everyday setting.

Where to Get Started with Braided Rugs

As you go forward with new designs that focus on comfort and happiness, choose a farmhouse braided rug that can be the centerpiece of your home. From there, select accent rugs for the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room in bold colors. Finally, a chocolate-colored oval braided rug can be the focal point of your entryway.

CThe versatility of country braided rugs is at your disposal. You can use the rugs to layer over a rectangular braided rug or add a natural texture to a plain room. In addition, the comfort of the rugs under your feet as you walk across your hard floors is on-trend, creating the coziness of a spring cottage.

Visit Homespice to start shopping today. You will find rugs of all shapes, sizes, and colors that are sure to bring your home to the next level of modern charm. Whether you choose rectangular, oval, or round braided rugs, the natural material and plush design will add the texture and warmth to your home that you are seeking.

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