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Comfortable, Colorful Braided Chair Pads

By Junior Gupta October 6, 2014

Dress your Chairs with
Comfortable, Colorful Braided Chair Pads
and protect your wooden primitive décor

chair pads

A dining room is always a special place in your home, and chairs are an invitation to sit and chat for awhile. Wooden spindle chairs and ladder-backed chairs can be beautiful to look at but they’re not always comfortable to sit on are they? Could yours use a little help? Why not try some braided chair pads and make those chairs as comfortable and as beautiful as possible for your friends and family? Add a dash of color or keep within the color range of the chair. You choose what will suit you best. They’re perfect with primitive décor and other traditional colonial style furniture.

• Sometimes it only takes a small change to make a big difference

Gorgeous, colorful braided chair pads are a quick and inexpensive choice you can make to cover your wooden chair seats and all have ties to keep them in place. Not only do they make your chairs more comfy, it can help pull your whole look together and protect the chair seats from wear and tear at the same time. You know the rivets on many pairs of blue jeans and other work clothes can scrape the wood and finishes of your furniture. But braided chair pads will provide a comfy cushion to act as a barrier and protect your lovely chairs from direct contact and scraping. At the same time, your décor suddenly pulls together and you know your home looks and feels more comfortable.

Homespice has braided chair pads in 22 different color combinations - with trivets, coasters, 15” star trivets, placemats and table runners to match. Colors include, rich browns, rustic reds, sunrise oranges, ocean blues, spring and forest greens and harvest mustard golds. Some are subtle blends and some are dramatic. Some are matching and some are brighter contrasts. You will undoubtedly find one that is the perfect combination with your primitive décor or other traditional colonial furniture.

braided chair pads

All braided chair pads have braided rugs that are an exact match.You may choose to:

  • Match your braided rug exactly
  • Match with similar colors to those in your braided rug, or
  • Highlight with contrasting colors to those in your braided rug

Whichever your choice, you will find that braided chair pads, table runners and placemats all put the finishing touches on your primitive décor or other old-meets-new traditional styles. Find our braided chair pads here: braided chair pads and while you’re at it, why not take a look at our hooked chair pads here as well? The styles are traditional and heart-warming.

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