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June 2021

6 Farmhouse Decorating Trends for Your Home

By Shruti Sehgal June 25, 2021 No comments

6 Farmhouse Decorating Trends for Your Home

If you’ve been following several farmhouse makeover accounts on social media and have yet to take action in your own home, now is the time! Stop wishing and adoring and start converting your home to the style that you’ve always desired.

The farmhouse trend is here to stay. And what easier way to start than with the purchase of oval braided rugs to place around your home? You can put a rug at the foot of your bed, in the bathroom, centered in your living room, or under the desk in your office. This classic touch will take your space from bare and cold to warm and welcoming. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with big construction projects. You can start with minor touches

6 Tips for Adding Farmhouse Trends to Your Home

You may be lost on where to start when it comes to adding farmhouse décor to your home. Take a look at these ideas and evaluate what fits your personality to display your own take on farmhouse chic. Some more trends, including primitive braided rugs, can be just as simple to implement in your decorating:

1. Add Texture


Chester Red Brown - Natural Jute Braid

Walk into a room and think about what makes it so exciting and unique ─ the complexities of textures and rare combinations. Your eyes are delighted by a brick wall texture in a room with a marble top wooden coffee table and a large braided rug on top of a rich hardwood floor.

Be brave when mixing textures. Play with your esthetic, layering a bold oval braided rug over a rectangular neutral colored carpet. Plants can contribute an outdoor texture with pops of color and unique shapes.

2. Use Neutral Colors

You may be tempted to add neons and bright, wild colors into your decorating scheme. And you can if you navigate it carefully. But a country style is more about neutral colors, with the wow factor attributed through the textures and one-of-a-kind statement pieces in the room.

Choose wall colors that are cream, gray, or beige, and avoid painting each room a different color. The cohesive backdrop to your décor will contribute to the overall esthetic without taking away from more interesting decorating pieces.

3. Shop at Antique Shops

Big box stores are exciting places to visit for ideas and inspiration. But if you want a style that is special to your home, then venture out to antique shops to find the gems that you can display throughout your home. Think about old, tattered doors or a large milk can that was commonly used back in the day.

You will find all the mix of textures that you desire in an antique shop. A mini metal tractor or a wooden wagon wheel can be set up in one room. Or a sizable metal-framed mirror can shape up to be the exact centerpiece of your wall you’ve been seeking. Stay away from the mass-produced and find your inspiration at an antique shop.

4. Add Hardwood

Hardwood floors are classic staples in a farmhouse-style home. The trending hardwood floors are lighter in color with a matte finish to resemble the base of a barn. Hardwood floors look great with all types of furniture, including metal chairs and coffee tables, granite countertops, printed couches, textured braided rugs, and more!


Ultra Durable - Rainforest - Photo Credit @avintageflarefarmhouse

5. Mix Old with New

You can add clean and modern light fixtures, choosing black and white or industrial exposed light bulbs. And then mix it up with an antique birdcage lamp or a wicker light above the kitchen table. Repurpose an old wooden kitchen table with classic details and add metal, modern chairs around it.

These mixes of old and new will only add intrigue to your home. You can create your own style while staying within the farmhouse esthetic. There is no one way to decorate.

6. Soften Up the Place with Small Braided Rugs and Area Rugs

While hardwood floors are beautiful, they can be plain, uninteresting, and uncomfortable when not adorned with rugs. Choose a few braided rugs that you love to sprinkle throughout your home. You can layer a small braided rug on top of a traditional welcome mat to spice up your front porch.

Other ways to style rugs around your house is with a braided runner rug through your entryway. Or place a rug under your kitchen table to soften up and style the dining room. Think of the areas in your home that may get neglected from being decorated. Show those rooms some attention with simple decorations.

In Summary

Take it one step at a time to make your home your own, with your personality and charm on display. You can find investment pieces that will last a lifetime and never go out of style. And when it comes to farmhouse style, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. You will find discarded frames, doors, and barrels that are just what you’re looking for that may cost you pennies. Take advantage of those rare finds as you redecorate your home.

Transform Your Home with Braided Rugs

For styling ideas and quality braided rugs, you can trust Braided Rugs. Whether you prefer neutral or bold colors, you can find a style of rug that will fit the style of your home. For a softer touch, choose an oval option. And if you want to stick with modern, clean lines, you can browse our rectangular braided rugs.

Soften up your back patio with a country braided rug filling the space and providing comfort and coziness. You can add dimension to your bathroom and kitchen with small braided rugs by the sinks. Not only will they liven up the room, but your feet will thank you. A padded place to stand when you are on your feet for extended periods of time is always a good idea.

All of these ideas are essential to converting to a farmhouse-style home. You deserve to walk in your home and feel the warmth and comfort that you crave after a long and stressful day. Make your home the escape that it should be by adding farmhouse braided rugs.


All You Need To Know About Braided Rugs

By Shruti Sehgal June 3, 2021 No comments
Sunflowers Blue - Gold Cotton Braided Rugs

All You Need To Know About Braided Rugs

Looking to give your home a new look with braided rugs is a great choice especially as the regular plain rugs and tiles are gradually becoming old-fashioned.

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