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July 2015

4 Rug Buying Tips For Wine Lovers

By Junior Gupta July 30, 2015 No comments
Wine Lover Rugs
 Outdoor rugs

You know the scene. You and your guests are enjoying a bottle of superb merlot or cabernet and then accidentally a guest sloshes the wine out of their glass. In what seems like slow motion, you dive to put yourself between wine flying through the air and your carpet or rug, but to no avail.

Yes, many a tear has been shed over spilt red wine. And even more tears come when you can’t get the stain out. Avoid this situation by buying a stain resistant rug for your entertaining area.

Slate Outdoor Braided Rugs

The best buy in this case would be something from the Ultra Durable rug line offered by Homespice Décor. They are stain-proof and water-proof. And they are washable. You can rinse out the stain in the shower or even hose them off outside and then let them air-dry.

1.) Stain resistant rugs make stain removal easier, without damaging the rug. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care of these rugs.

2.) When shopping for stain resistant rugs, keep in mind that though it's true that a few types of rugs resist stains naturally, rugs which come labeled as ‘stain-resistant’ often have a chemical finish which repels liquids or dirt, and prevent stains from setting in.

3.) Rugs can be made in various fabrics like polyester, polypropylene, silk, wool, acrylic and nylon. Because of its resistance to mildew and abrasion, most of the rugs sold in America are made of nylon.

4.) Rugs made of polypropylene are naturally resistant to stains without any chemical treatment needed. When polypropylene is combined with fibers with absorption qualities, the resulting rugs can soak up liquid spills and therefore the stains tend to disappear. So they protect the flooring or carpet under the rug and prevent staining of the rug itself.


Homespice’s Ultra Durable rugs are widely known for absorbing liquid spills and the stain disappears very quickly. When you do want to clean the rug, these water-proof rugs are cleaned easily - just rinse them off in your shower, or take larger rugs outside and hose them off. Let them air-dry and you have a nice clean rug.

Watch how quick absorbing and stain-proof Ultra Durable rugs are:

and learn more at

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