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June 2015

6 Ways on Picking the Right Rug for Kitchens

By Junior Gupta June 18, 2015
Driftwood Outdoor Braided Rugs

6 Ways on Picking the Right Rug for Kitchens

Sometimes we think of kitchen rugs as utilitarian pieces for your kitchen. They are there to catch spills and give some cushion under foot by the sink or stove. But you can decorate your kitchen with rugs to create a useful and great looking space. Before choosing the type, size and color of your kitchen rugs, be sure to think where and how they will be used. Here’s how to start.

Mustard Seed Jute Braided Rugs

1. Kitchens are high traffic areas, so you want a sturdy rug that will hold up in the main traffic areas of the kitchen. Oval shapes work better if the normal traffic pattern in the area requires people to cross diagonally over the ends of the rug. Anti-skid backing or a rug pad will keep the rugs in place..

2. There is a possibility of spills in almost every area of the kitchen at the sink, by the dishwasher, in front of the refrigerator and stove, by the trash can, anywhere around a kitchen island or kitchen cart, etc. So go for washable, easy care rugs that resist stains.

3. You spend a lot of time on your feet in the kitchen. Look at the areas where you stand the most. You want some extra cushion from a rug in those areas. Things like glasses and dinnerware also get dropped in the kitchen from time to time. Protect your fine china and glassware as well as your kitchen floor with a thick, cushiony rug.

4. You want to keep your kitchen and kitchen floor clean, so look for rugs that are easy to shake out, vacuum and/or wash. A reversible rug will also allow you to flip it over to a cleaner side if you need to tidy up quickly. With this in mind, you may be looking for a rug made from polypropylene or polyester. These come in various thicknesses and offer some stain-resistance. Some of these are washable – check manufacturer’s labels for care instructions.

Green Mist Outdoor Braided Rugs

5. You can choose rug patterns with darker colors to better hide dirt and stains.

6. Rugs come in all décor styles to compliment and accent your kitchen décor. So be sure to get one that you enjoy looking at. A happy cook is a better cook.

No matter what type of floor your kitchen has, by using small area rugs you can unify the color scheme and the theme of your kitchen. Adding a rug to the kitchen can be the ideal choice if you want to bring in some warmth and excitement to your kitchen.

We recommend our Ultra Durable indoor-outdoor rugs for kitchens. These thick, cushiony rugs are water-proof and stain-proof. They are even red wine and bleach-proof! They also quickly absorb water and other liquids without the spill leaking to the flooring below.

With beautiful patterns that truly rival the finest indoor rugs, these rugs are easy to clean. Just rinse out smaller Ultra Durables in the shower and let air dry. For larger sized Ultra Durable rugs, just hose them off outdoors.

See how easy these rugs can make your life at


6 Pointers on Picking the Right Rug for Dog Lovers

By Junior Gupta June 8, 2015 No comments

6 Pointers on Picking the
Right Rug for Dog Lovers

Dog outdoor rug

The combination of rugs with pets can get incompatible, however if you love both rugs and animals, you can still find a couple of options. You most probably would not want to buy antique priceless rug with pets around in your house, but then again you don’t have to purchase cheap rubber flooring or cheap looking rugs either. Take a cue from this article to buy yourself some of the best rugs if you own a dog, something that both your pet and you can enjoy having around.

Dogs friendly braided rug
Dog rug

1. Choosing the right color becomes a consideration as rugs in a light color would make stains more visible. Browns have the ability to hide fur in a better way, and rugs in bold colors have the ability to mask stains easily.


2. A nice pattern can take the eyes away from stains, pet hair and dirt. For example - Multicolor braided rugs will be better than solid colored braided rugs.

3. Thicker rugs cushion more animal sounds such as barking as well as the sound of paws on the floor.

4. To further muffle the sound, add a rug pad underneath the rug. Rug pads are available everywhere now and also increase the life of the rug.

Dog Outdoor Green Braided Rugs

5. Some common problems with dogs and rugs is the pet hair that stick to the rug, so get a rug which is easy to clean. For example pet hair does not stick on Ultra Durable rugs and therefore we recommend them.

Jute Braided Rug

6. Cleaning: animals can have accidents so make sure your rug is easy to clean.

With the correct color, pattern and type of rug as well as with frequent cleaning, pets and rugs can both coexist in consonance.


Rug Pads and Why to Use One

By Junior Gupta June 8, 2015 No comments

Rug Pads and Why to Use One

Ocean Maze Jute Braided Rugs

Every rug pad is made for a specific usage. The purpose of a rug pad is to increase the life and usability of the rug, as well as to add to the safety and comfort of your home.

Outdoor Braided Rugs

Anti-Skid Protection

One of the biggest reasons people use a rug pad is to keep the rug from skidding or sliding. Rugs in general have a tendency to slip under foot traffic. On a slick or wet floor, there is risk of falling when a rug slides under your feet. Using a rug pad will act as a grip between the floor and the rug. It also reduces time spent constantly straightening the rug and helps prevent wrinkles in the rug.

Mustard Seed Jute Braided Rugs

Increased Comfort

A rug pad adds a layer of comfort to the rug. Rug pads come in thicknesses. The thicker the rug pad, the more cushion and comfort you will feel when standing or walking on the rug. In your kitchen where you will spend a lot of time on your feet, a thick rug pad under a kitchen rug not only provides anti-skid protection, it can keep your feet and legs feeling better, too.

Jute Braided Rugs

Suppresses Sound

A rug pad can absorb most of the shock and sound caused by anyone walking the rug so the room stays quieter. It can also absorb some of the day-to-day sounds in your home. If you live in an upstairs apartment or have a teenager in an upstairs bedroom who loves loud music, a rug with rug pad can help people living downstairs from being bothered or disturbed.

Tuscany Outdoor Braided Rugs

Prolongs the Life of a Rug

A rug pad acts like a buffer between the rug above and the hard surface of the floor below. Extra padding helps protect your rug against daily wear and tear.When you prevent the rug from sliding, you prevent stretching and stress on the rug. A rug pad also helps reduce the pressure from furniture legs or other heavy items that rest on the rug. Think of a rug pad as protecting your rug investment.


Protection Against Staining

A rug pad prevents marring, dye transfer, scratching and staining to the carpeting or flooring beneath it.

Many Rug Pads to Choose From

Based on your needs, you will have several choices in rug pads for each of the rugs in your home. You can even choose from environmentally friendly rug pads. Decide what you want the rug pad to do for your rug and your room, then choose the thickness that makes sense for you.Homespice offers rug pads for your rugs. From pads for anti-skid purposes to pads that are earth-friendly and made with sustainable organic fiber, these rug pads can help you keep your home safer, quieter and add years to your rug’s life.



Rug Care Tips

By Junior Gupta June 1, 2015 No comments
braided rugs

Rugs are something which not only add to your home décor, but also prevent your home, especially the floor, from getting soiled or dirty. So it’s essential to take proper care of the rugs to preserve their beauty and usefulness for years to come. Caring for rugs is determined by the construction, material and size. Here are good tips about caring for your rug and cleaning it properly.

Pile rug


It’s very important to vacuum rugs regularly, especially large rugs. If it is a reversible rug, then both sides should be vacuumed. This removes grime and grit which can prematurely wear out your rug. Note: Many types of rugs, such as braided rugs, should only be vacuumed without using the beater brush (bare floor setting).

rug cleaning brush
rug cleaning brushes


Vacuuming may sometimes leave behind pet hair. Remove the hair with the help of a stiff brush.

outdoor rug


Sun and foot traffic can put the rug under extra stress, so turn it over once or twice each year to even out the wear. If furniture legs or other heavy items rest on the rug, then also rotate the rug once or twice a year so the same areas are not always under pressure from the furniture legs.


Smaller rugs can be taken outside and shaken or beaten vigorously to get rid of the grit and dirt.


Special rugs require special care and cleaning. Keeping tags with care instructions in a file or leaving them on the rug can save you from making mistakes.

Cotton Braided Rugs

. Check your rugs for any break in stitching before and after cleaning. Check the labels to see if the rugs are washable or if other cleaning methods are recommended.

. If the care instructions say the rug is machine washable, use a front loading washer without an agitator bar in the middle. Wash the rug in cold water on a gentle cycle. Dry it on a low setting if recommended on the tag or let it air dry

. Laying a rug flat to dry is the best way to dry it. Place your rug on concrete flooring or you can also put an old blanket underneath it to protect other types of flooring. Remember, rugs may bleed some color when wet or while drying, so be careful where you dry it. Also if you hang it over a rod to dry, the rug is very heavy when wet and can stretch out of shape if the rug is not hung evenly over the rod.

. Foam: When using rug cleaning foam (commercial foam), follow the cleaning foam’s directions about first testing for color-fastness and then follow the directions for using the foam. Finish it up by vacuuming or rinsing. Let it thoroughly dry before you place it on the floor.


Have a look at the rugs offered by Homespice Décor. Their rugs are made from top quality material and they have an entire line of water and stain resistant rugs, which absorb water and are mold and mildew proof.

Right Rugs When You Have Kids

By Junior Gupta June 1, 2015 No comments

Right Rug When You Have Kids

wedgewood cotton braided rugs

Searching for kid-friendly rugs can be an immense task. One way to narrow down the choices is to keep in mind how you will use the rug. Do you get a lot people running in and out of the room? Is there a lot of dirty shoes from sports? Do you have lots of spills? Do you have pets in the house? Read this article and you’ll have a fair idea as to what will be the most ideal rug for a living area with kids.

kids friendly braided rug

1. For food spills, juice/milk spills, kids’ painting and crafting mishaps (just wait until your kids mix glue, glitter and water colors together), we recommend stain-proof rugs to withstand with these incidents.

2. With babies and toddlers, we recommend a washable rug to make clean-up easier after throw-ups, spills and potty accidents.

3. For toddlers who stumble a lot and fall down, choose rugs that will help cushion falls and bumps. Make sure the rug is of medium thickness or more for decent cushioning.

Ultra Durable Braided Rugs

4. Generally go for washable rugs which can be easily washed with soap and water or put in the washing machine.

5. For areas where kids might play with crayons, paints, play-dough, tea sets or other things which could leave a mess, we again recommend an easy to clean, stain-proof rug.

6. For the bathroom, go for a rug which absorbs water to keep kids from slipping or tripping. Note: use a rug pad or buy a rug with an anti-skid backing.

7. Today most of your kids’ favorite characters from books, movies, TV and videos are available for play areas. Such rugs are great for a kid’s bedroom.

Outdoor Braided Rugs

8. Also for the bathroom, a mold & mildew resistant rug is a great way to lessen the time you spend cleaning the bathroom.

We hope you find the best rugs for your home. A great rug will keep you smiling. At Homespice, everyone here with kids uses Ultra Durable rugs as they are stain-proof, washable, mold & mildew resistant with a sturdy, cushiony thickness.

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