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September 2014

Quality Braided Rugs

By Junior Gupta September 29, 2014 No comments

Add A Touch of Elegance
to any room with
Quality Braided Rugs

You know braided rugs add warmth, you know they add charm, and you know they add coziness to your home but did you know they can also add a touch of elegance? It’s true - but first, let me be clear that not any old braided rug will do. Be sure you purchase a high quality braided rug that has colors lovingly designed to complement each other, braids tightly braided to endure, and strong thread to carefully stitch them together and you have the foundation for a beautiful, quality braided rug that can last a lifetime. These are the ingredients of all Homespice braided rugs.

That touch of elegance can come in many materials. So let’s take a look at some factors to consider. All 4 brands or styles of Homespice braided rugs – cotton, jute, wool and ultra-durable include rugs that can add a touch of elegance to any room in your home.

So how do we achieve an elegant look? Elegance comes in many colors, styles, and shapes, but one thing seems to be universally agreed upon - elegance is usually found in understated beauty and simplicity. To choose a braided rug that will look elegant in your home you will generally choose simpler color combinations that gently complement or dramatically contrast with the tones of your furniture and accessories. You could probably create an elegant look with almost any Homespice braided rug but some are more obvious than others. It is the whole presentation that determines elegance. Homespice cotton braided rugs such as Wedgewood, Plumberry and Enigma are examples that can easily be used to create an elegant look. Jute rugs such as Coffee, Nightfall and Salem are logical choices as well. Ultra-durable monochromes are clear choices and wool – well wool braided rugs can be elegant in any setting.

  • wedgewood-cotton-braided-rugs
  •  Enigma cotton braided rug
  • nightfall jute braided rug
  • salem braided jute braided rug

There are many Homespice quality braided rugs to choose from, but some clear winners that can look elegant anywhere, and be used both indoors and outdoors, are the ultra-durable rugs monochromatic colors. Black (in shades of black and grey), Espresso (rich, warm browns), Pine (gentle sage green and grey), Sand (subtle gold with flecks of grey) and Slate (light and dark greys) are go-anywhere colors. Ultra-durable braided rugs have the added advantage of being stain-proof. Even wine stains, food, condiments and puppy piddles will not harm these ultra-durable rugs. Wipe or hose the stains immediately so they won’t get tracked around the house or deck and they are as good as new. See youtube videos showing how amazing these ultra-durable rugs are at this address: Or just Google ‘Homespice ultra-durable rugs’ on youtube. They are definitely worth watching if you’re even considering an ultra-durable braided rug.

  • black mist outdoor braided rug
  • espresso outdoor braided rug
  • pine outdoor braided rug
  • slate outdoor braided rug

Another factor to consider when choosing an elegant braided rug for any room in your home is the use that room gets. Some materials are more functional than others in certain conditions.

• Is it high traffic? Is the braided rug for the hallway where wet boots or rain gear track through? Is there likely to be food that may get spilled such as in the dining room or kitchen? Is it for a child’s room where drinks, water, insects, paints and crayons or puppies and frogs all make an appearance? Think about ultra-durable braided rugs for these areas.

• Or is it a calm, adult conversation area? Or a bedroom that is not a high traffic? A cotton, jute or wool braided rug works well in these areas, although an ultra-durable braided rug fits anywhere.

Junior Gupta
Homespice owner

• Is it a whole room or a special corner? If it’s a whole room that is fairly large, you have options to think about: you may wish to use choose two or three rugs that are the same except for the size and shape; or rugs that are all in the same tones, but not exactly identical. This needs careful thought so it doesn’t look too fragmented or too boring but subtle differences do help to create interest while maintaining that elegant look you want.

• Remember elegance is almost always created with simplicity and harmony in design and application. It is seldom achieved with a busy, cluttered look.

Any room in your home can look elegant with the addition of cotton, jute, wool or ultra-durable braided rugs. You just need to pick the ones that you feel most comfortable with for your lifestyle.

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A New Look with Cotton, Jute, Wool or Ultra-Durable Braided Rugs

By Junior Gupta September 26, 2014

Give Your Home

A New Look

with Cotton, Jute, Wool or Ultra-Durable Braided Rugs
  • transitional braided rug
  • kid friendly braided rug
  • kitchen braided rug

• Are you feeling uninspired by your home décor and in need of a new look? Create interesting spaces with new groupings – a spindle-backed chair, a distressed-wood table with a colorful braided basket, and a wooden bench all grouped on a vibrant cotton, jute or wool braided rug.

• Feeling like it’s just not pulling together or feeling cozy enough for the coming fall and winter seasons? Mix comfortable leather chairs with traditional primitive décor on a gorgeous, colorful braided rug in front of a fireplace or in a cozy conversation corner.

• Want to make a family and guests feel like there’s no place they would rather be than in the warm, welcoming spaces you have created? Choose from our sparkling selection of colors to get a new look and exactly the feel you want.

• Looking for a rug to pull together an outdoor space or an indoor space where it may be exposed to dampness? Don’t compromise beauty for durability. Our ultra-durable braided rugs come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to clean.

To make the perfect braided rug you have to start with the perfect braid.

As our most economical rug, jute braided rugs are available in 41 different color combinations and up to 28 different sizes

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hen Homespice owner, Junior Gupta, wanted to learn how to make the best braided rugs possible, he sought help from a NASA scientist, Dr. Elsheikh, who had worked with NASA on the Mission to Mars Program using braiding technology to make a lighter, stronger spacecraft. “To make the perfect braided rug you have to start with the perfect braid,” said Dr. Elsheikh as he taught the company how to make tight, long-lasting braids to ensure top quality rugs. That quality persists as each new rug is designed, developed and created.

braided rug research

Dr. Elsheikh, NASA Scientist

Homespice rugs come in a glorious and vibrant mix of colors and are divided into 4 basic types or brands made of 4 different materials for different uses – Cotton, Jute, Wool and Ultra-durable (Olefin). All provide an unmatched quality, interesting designs, impeccable craftsmanship and durability. They can be used for casual or more formal and elegant looks depending upon the furniture and accents that are used with them.

Cotton Braided Rugs provide color, beauty and versatility and can last a lifetime. They are perfect for indoor spaces in the living room, dining room and bedrooms where they create interest and warmth. Imagine the soft blues, greens and tan mixtures of the Baja Blue, and the Seascape, or the turquoise and blue-grey mixture of the Smugglers’ Cove sitting with your natural wooden chest, a comfortable wooden rocking chair and a small distressed wooden painted table which has your favorite carved sailing boat on it. You can almost smell the salt and hear the waves crashing on the shore. Cotton braided rugs come in over 25 different color blends and as many as 20 different sizes.

Jute Braided Rugs are soft, durable and affordable. Made of natural fibers, they are particularly desirable where an eco-friendly environment is important. They can be used indoors or out but, as with any natural fiber, they should not be placed in areas where they will become wet or damp. There is nothing that says warmth and coziness more than the Harvest, Timber Trail or Kingston rugs with their varying combinations of rich reds, golden wheat tones, soft greens and rich browns. These braided rugs glow in a setting with a rich brown dining set and a distressed wooden sideboard. In complete contrast, a completely new look is created when they are combined with elegant and comfortable warm, cream leather, comfortable seating chairs with woven seats and backs and light-colored cushions. As our most economical rug, jute braided rugs are available in 41 different color combinations and up to 28 different sizes.

Wool Braided Rugs are the true traditional braided rug and are loved for their softness and comfort. Homespice wool rugs are very high quality, durable and are known to withstand a New England winter. Water dropped on the rugs will bead on the surface and can be easily wiped away. They are most suitable for dry, indoor places – in bedrooms, dens, living rooms, and libraries or offices. Wool braided rugs are available in 7 different color blends and up to 20 different sizes.

eclectic braided rug

Ultra-Durable Rugs are in a class by themselves. These are our only synthetic rugs and are built for indoor or outdoor uses and to last for many years. They are stain-resistant, sun resistant, water, wine and ketchup resistant, and easy to clean – just hose them down. Watch our youtube video at watch?v=xNJEbEZBBNM or just Google Homespice ultra-durable rugs to watch how easily red wine, ketchup and sticky balsamic vinegar can be quickly washed out to leave absolutely no stain. These rugs are useful in the hallway where wet, dirty shoes and boots come into the house, in the bathroom where it can be damp after baths and showers, by the poolside, in the kids bedrooms, under the dining room table or in the kitchen where food definitely gets spilled or even just in the living room where you’re looking to add beauty. These soft and comfortable rugs are amazing! You can get any look you are wanting with these ultra-durable, ultra practical braided rugs.

Which of the styles of braided rugs you choose depends on a combination of placement of the rug, color choices available, economics, and the particular preference you have for one material and new look over another. Call us at 770-934-4224 if you’d like to talk with us about which of our rugs would be best for your needs. We’d love to help you make the right decision.


I fully immerse myself in each rug that I create. I personally select each color that goes into every single braid until I feel satisfied with the whole piece. The artist in me loves seeing the colors on my hands for days after each rug is finished.

Junior Gupta
Homespice owner

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Shaker Rugs

By Junior Gupta September 19, 2014 No comments
Shaker Outdoor Rugs

Shaker Rugs

Past Tradition Meets Present-day Convenience

How have the look and styles of Colonial Shaker furniture and furnishings affected the decisions you make about how you decorate your home?

Surprisingly – more than you might think. What exactly has the Shaker tradition contributed to present day America?

Home furniture and furnishings woven rugs, ladder-back chairs, tables, desks, cupboards - made with love - durable, functional and with a harmonious design.

Anything else the Shakers contributed that we still use today?

Dozens of useful items, including the circular saw, flat brooms and clothespins. But the golden thread that runs through all of the broad list of items the Shakers built was that every item was made thoughtfully, and as close to perfect as they could make it. That was a manifestation of their religion and a solid tradition respected by all who knew them.

It is this heritage that inspired Homespice to create woven Shaker-style rugs that would live up to the sterling Shaker reputation.

Aurora Outdoor Rug

When we set out to create a Shaker-style woven rug with the look and feel that we admire, we soon discovered that it was not possible to do that on a modern-day, fast-paced factory loom. And so we spent time and energy to seek out antique looms so that we could give our Shaker rugs an authentic look and feel. Those are the looms we use today to weave these rugs. They’re a bit slower, as are most antiques, but they are the only way to create the authentic look and feel of a woven colonial, Shaker-style rug. And that’s what you want isn’t it - something that looks and feel authentic?

Walnut Outdoor Shaker Rug
Maverick Outdoor Shaker Rug

We are delighted to be able to announce that our care and ethical approach in re-creating the Shaker style has resulted in rugs that have exceeded even our high expectations. We are pleased to have 5 new variations in color and appearance, each in 4 different sizes. And the exciting part is that these new Shaker rugs are within our ultra-durable line. That means that as well as being beautiful they are completely washable and stain-proof. Our new Shaker-style indoor-outdoor rugs were designed to enhance your Americana country primitive décor but also fit well with many other new-meets-old styles.

  • Bring a new look to your home and increase your personal convenience at the same time – what could be more satisfying?
  • See youtube video for a dramatic demonstration of exactly what that means for you.

This new collection of Shaker rugs reflects the harmonious design, high quality and easy-care functionality that is so loved and respected in the Shaker tradition. The neutral tones were designed to blend with objects like spindle-backed chairs and natural materials, straight-backed chairs, comfy cushions, braided chair pads, soft throws, colorful baskets, benches, and your favorite accent colors. Where do they fit?

  • Under the dining room table
  • In your hallway
  • Beside the fireplace
  • Anywhere at all
  • Even outdoors on your patio.

You will always know that your mold-resistant, Shaker-style rugs will create a warm, new look that is stylish, fresh, and easy to clean. These woven Shaker rugs are the perfect blend of rich tradition and outstanding, contemporary convenience. As the rugs are a woven, ultra-durable style, they are an ideal foundation to help home decorators create cozy, elegant, indoor-outdoor spaces at reasonable prices.

The darker color mixes in the Aurora, Duncan and Thistle are distinctive, yet neutral, and can be used even in your most difficult, high traffic areas. Add touches of bright colors.

To create a dramatic, updated look; subtle, muted colors of rich elegance; or lush forest colors for a cozy, comfortable feel. Or combine the gray and black tones in these ultra-durable Shaker rugs with accents of pearl gray, pewter, soft white and silver for luxuriant elegance.

  • Aurora Black Outdoor Rug
  • Duncan Outdoor Rug
  • Thistle Outdoor Rug
The rich browns and creams and enduring designs of the Maverick and Walnut rugs will add a soft charm to your home and will blend
with any color of the accents that make you feel happy and contented.
Whether your furniture is natural wood or distressed paint, rich leather or straight-backed chairs with basket- woven seats and chairpads, these colonial inspired, Shaker-style rugs will showcase your home in a comfortable display of love and warmth. For a beautiful new look, cozy, elegant feel, and complete convenience in care and cleaning, the new shaker rugs come in 4 sizes and will be in popular demand
for more details or call us at 770-934-4224 for answers to any questions you may have

How to become a Top 50 Homespice Dealer in just one year – Darla Smith of Buttercup Cottage, West Plains, MO

By Junior Gupta September 15, 2014

How to become a
Top 50 Homespice Dealer

in just one year
Darla Smith Buttercup Cottage
West Plains, MO
Homespice dealer

Darla Smith in West Plains, MO, had a passion for primitive décor and had been bitten by the retailing bug. In the spring of 2013, she took the leap and opened theButtercup Cottage, a small gift and décor store in a local antique mall. Her store carries candles, antiques, table linens, small décor items and more. But she wanted to add more to her product selection.

With a small budget, she called Homespice Décor for advice on retailing and merchandising rugs and tabletop accessories. She worked with a Homespice account manager and learned important points to make her first retail venture a definite success. In just one year, Buttercup Cottage’s Homespice Décor sales placed her on the Top 50 Homespice retailers list. And now she is in the process of moving Buttercup Cottage to a free-standing retail space.


So read on as Darla shares the secrets to her Homespice success:

1. Displays are absolutely critical. Use Homespice rugs in floor vignettes wherever you can and even hang them on the wall. Penny and Hooked Rugs make great wall hangings and save space. Use Ultra Durable rugs inside and outside your entrance where they can speak for themselves. They are beautiful. People can see how well they hold up and it is fun and easy to demo spilling wine, coffee, or juice on the rugs. Be creative with table top and shelf displays. Use a mix of all Homespice tabletop accessories in many patterns and throw in some Homespice pillows and handbags.

2. Swatches galore and keep extra catalogs on-hand. Keep swatches of all Homespice patterns (even the ones you don’t stock) near the displays. This gives the customer more choices and helps generate drop-ship and custom- size orders. Let customers borrow catalogs and swatches so they can see the patterns in their own home. It makes it easier for them to decide to buy. To download our Swatch Order Form click here.

store selling primitive decor products

3. Signage!! Use posters and tabletop signs provided by Homespice where you can. I even cut out pages from the Homespice Catalog and put them in plexi-glass sign holders to use in and near displays.

4. Advertise to get more diverse traffic into the store. I advertised in the local newspapers with good results. The Homespice Ultra Durable rugs brought in customers that wouldn’t normally have visited a shop in an antique mall to look for indoor/outdoor rugs. But Buttercup Cottage was the only place in West Plains they could get them.

5. Keep good stock levels. As soon as I put out the Homespice braided jute accessories, they started moving and were gone before I knew it. I realized that if I don’t keep them in stock, I am losing out on sales.

6. Don’t be afraid to sell rugs especially large rugs and custom-sizes. Homespice trained me to feel comfortable and confident in selling these rugs. This year a good portion of my sales have been in large and custom-size rugs. I have frequently visited customers’ homes or offices with swatches, samples and measuring tape in hand. They are comfortable making their buying decisions in their own space and love the personalized service. If I ever have a question I can’t answer, I just call Homespice right then to get the info or check on availability.

7. Use social media. The Buttercup Facebook page ( has been helpful. I feature photos from the store and use lots of romance shots provided by Homespice Décor. Recently, I started a campaign on the Facebook page featuring one product from my store per day. And this is in alphabetical order – one new letter & product per day for 26 days. Can you say ‘B for Braided Rug?”

8. Take advantage of Homespice’s experience. At the start, I had lots of questions and they had answers and solutions that worked for me. They always wanted me to succeed. If they suggest it, I almost always try it. Whether I re-order directly through the Homespice office or through the local Homespice rep, we review what I ordered last time and how it performed in my store. We look at new products and I learn what has been working for other dealers. We check the overstock and close-out list to see if there are bargains for me. We talk about my displays and how to change them up. Homespice has been there as a partner for me and Buttercup Cottage.

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