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May 2014

Why a Good Braided Rug Matters

By Falguni May 14, 2014 No comments

Indoors or out, our Ultra Durable line of braided rugs hold up beautifully.

Once you've lived with high-quality braided rugs, the advantages over less expensive, lower-quality country decor rugs become obvious. Still, you may find yourself selling to a customer who's considering buying a cheaper rug from a mass market retailer. If the look and feel of our rug samples in your store don't convince them that it's worth it to pay more for a good braided rug, remember these five points:


  • A good braided rug can last for generations. When cared for correctly, a braided rug from our Ultra Durable line could conceivably see the next century; even if its not well cared for (not that we would recommend that), these rugs are made to last.


  • A good braid means your rug won't bunch, curl or develop bumps. Our braids were developed with the help of a NASA scientist to be the very best, and we stand by that.


  • A good braided rug is easier to clean. Would you take a hose to a cheap mass market braided rug? If you ever have, you've probably wound up with a rug that looks deformed, with threads that have pulled apart. Our Ultra Durable rugs hold up to liquid beautifully -- in fact, their amazing absorbency and anti-stain properties are one of its biggest selling points! Don't try pouring red wine or soy sauce on a cheap rug!


  • A good braided rug looks beautiful. We have a braided rug for any style or color palette, from simple to bold, and the high-quality braid work give them a stunning look you just can't find with lower quality rugs.


  • A good braided rug is a bargain! You get top-notch beauty, ease of care, and a durability that lasts, in a rug you may never have to replace. You won't find a better deal than that!


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The Hottest Country Primitive Trends of 2014

By Falguni May 13, 2014

Vancouver Primitive-Braided-Trivet

What's hot in Country Primitive right now? We did some research on the current trends, and here's what we found.

Primitive star-patch penny rugs





  • Primitive purists scorn the LED, but the soft, safe, flame-like glow of LED lights are popular accents in vintage lanterns, faux candles, and twinkling strands that give spaces a calming mood without the fire hazard.



  • Real candles aren't going anywhere, though, especially if they fill a room with pleasing scents. According to the National Candle Association, Vanilla reigns supreme, with scents like sugar cookie, mocha, apple pie and gingerbread also surging.



  • Natural finishes with a nice, rustic look are always desirable, but painted wood that's either naturally or artificially distressed is a top trend. Muted reds and blues are hot, as are wholesome foods-inspired shades like Cider and Jalapeno.



  • Anything distressed, whether it's an antique or a faux antique, is popular, and many shoppers have no qualms about buying new items that look old, especially when it comes to furniture built before today's safety standards.



  • Upscale Primitive is a trend Country Decor retailers can really sink their teeth into. With more shoppers willing to spend more money for the highest quality furniture, braided rugs, accessories and many more. you can have the pleasure of working with talented artisans and quality craftspeople while benefiting your business big time.



As always, Homespice Decor is here to help you find the the most current Country Primitive looks for your customers, from whimsical accessories to Ultra-Durable rugs.

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