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All You Need To Know About Braided Rugs

By Shruti Sehgal June 3, 2021 Leave a comment Go to comments

All You Need To Know About Braided Rugs

Looking to give your home a new look with braided rugs is a great choice especially as the regular plain rugs and tiles are gradually becoming old-fashioned.

However, with the many designs of braided rugs available in the market, getting one to suit your space perfectly can be somewhat tricky.

And so to help you narrow down your options to picking a rug that'll suit your space, I'll be letting you in on all you need to know about braided rugs and how to get the perfect rug for your space.

What Are Braided Rugs?

Cider Barn Red Jute Braided Rugs

Cider Barn Red Jute Braided Rugs

Before we delve fully into knowing how to choose braided rugs that are perfect enough for your space, it would be nice to understand what these rugs are and how they are made.

Braided rugs go way back as they were used in the early colonial American culture. Settlers that came into America found a way to create rugs for their homes thereby crafting braided rugs for the first time.

These rugs are made with pieces of cloth and other materials to make a covering for the floor and provide warmth both for residents and guests.

They are crafted in different ways such as cloth braid, yarn braid, flat braid, banded braid, and the likes. However, as time progressed, more designs and styles of braided rugs were crafted to suit any and every space both indoors and outdoors.

Types Of Braided Rugs

Recently, braided rugs are quite becoming the catch in many homes. As such, there are several types of braided rugs you'll find in the market. Ranging from small braided rugs to rectangular braided rugs, to oval braided rugs, to country braided rugs, farmhouse braided rugs, and even primitive braided rugs.

Whatever space you may want to revamp, determines the size of braided rugs you'll be needing. For instance, having a large rectangular braided rug at your doorstep may not be entirely nice when a small braided rug would have been perfect.

20 x 30

Small braided rugs


Rectangular braided rugs

Sunflowers Blue - Gold Cotton Braided Rugs

Oval Braided Rugs

Primitive Star -Gloucester Black - Red Jute Braided Rugs

Primitive Braided Rugs

How to Get the Best Braided Rugs

There are several designs of braided rugs available and frankly, they are all beautifully crafted. However, not all designs may be the right décor for your space. There are a few things you may want to consider before getting your braided rugs.

1. What Color of Braided Rugs is Perfect for Your Space?

Generally, color is such a personal choice. because what a particular person likes may not be the catch for another. So it's a vital detail that sets the tone for the entire décor of your space.

When getting a rug, you may decide to choose one that matches décor or you may decide to choose a rug that's entirely different to make a statement piece.

However, for a modern design, having a bright braided rug with black furniture isn't such a bad mix, or you could go with neutral tone rugs to blend in with your furniture. Whatever your preference is, there's always a rug for you.

2. What Size of Braided Rugs is Best for You?

Getting a rug that doesn't fit the size of your space is often one of the mistakes people make when purchasing a rug. Most people tend to get rugs that are either smaller or larger than their space. A rug too small for your space may appear odd or mismatched, while a rug too large for your space may seem confusing or choked up.

One helpful tip in getting a rug for your space is that there should be at least 10-20m space between the edge of the rug and the walls. Plus, the reason you'll be needing a rug can be a factor to the shape and size of the rug you'll get.

3. What Style Of Braided Rug Is Best For You

There are a variety of styles when it comes to getting braided rugs. Although the traditional rugs had their charm while they thrived, your rug options are no longer restricted to those kinds of rugs.

Modern rugs have bold and beautiful floral patterns with unique geometric shapes which has added to their rise in popularity. Therefore, when getting a braided rug for your space, it'll be nice to consider the texture and tones of your furnishings.

Though you may not necessarily have to match your rug with everything in your space, it's necessary if it works with your general décor unless you're looking to get a statement piece in your space.

Where to Get Quality Braided Rugs From?

The uniqueness of these braided rugs has made it quite rampant. As such, there's usually a frequently asked question if these rugs are durable or not.

Well, of course, braided rugs are durable. Although, where you get your rugs from matters a lot. This is because there are several braided rugs available in the market and so there's the possibility of you getting an inferior rug.

However, if you would want a quality rug, then you could visit braided rugs. Here you'll get a variety of quality rug options for amazing prices. Frankly, you can't go wrong with braided rugs from our store. Plus we also give you a 60 day trial of any of our rugs. No other rug store will give you such an offer.


With braided rugs, you can kiss a boring room space goodbye. Braided rugs make home decorating a lot more easier and can be used to redefine any space at all either, outdoors or indoors. Therefore, if you're interested in getting quality braided rugs, you could contact us today and have the best braided rug shipped to you in no time.


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