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6 Tips to Choose the Right Rug for Entryways

By Junior Gupta May 22, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
Pumpkin Pie Braided Rugs

Choosing the right entryway rug will give you a nice warm feeling every time you enter your home. A good entryway rug also keeps your entrance looking neat and clean. Most importantly, it is one of the first impressions of your home when you welcome your guests. A rug that works well here adds to your pride in your home. Let’s have a look at some points on selecting the right entryway rug for your home:

Ultra Durable Rugs
Kilimanjaro Jute Braided

1) As an entryway is a high traffic area, pick a material which is durable and a sturdy rug construction type.

2) An entryway rug is something that will trap dirt with people coming in and going out of the house, so pick a rug that is easy to clean and washable.

3) Go for a mix of medium and dark colors to better hide stains and dirt. It’s also easier to clean a dark colored rug as the stains are already masked.

transitional braided rugs
Budapest Wool Braid Rugs

4) ) Measure the entryway’s length and width and choose something that will cover a large part of the entryway. A larger rug will stop more dirt from entering your house.

5) Make sure the rug you choose is thin enough to go under the weather stripping of the door, or it will need to be placed behind the door opening area.

6) The rug you select should be a classy rug, giving guests an idea of your house’s personality and your own taste and style as soon as they step in.


Remember that whenever someone comes to your home, grab their attention with a great rug. So select a rug which grabs your own attention.

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