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6 Pointers on Picking the Right Rug for Dog Lovers

By Junior Gupta June 8, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

6 Pointers on Picking the
Right Rug for Dog Lovers

Dog outdoor rug

The combination of rugs with pets can get incompatible, however if you love both rugs and animals, you can still find a couple of options. You most probably would not want to buy antique priceless rug with pets around in your house, but then again you don’t have to purchase cheap rubber flooring or cheap looking rugs either. Take a cue from this article to buy yourself some of the best rugs if you own a dog, something that both your pet and you can enjoy having around.

Dogs friendly braided rug
Dog rug

1. Choosing the right color becomes a consideration as rugs in a light color would make stains more visible. Browns have the ability to hide fur in a better way, and rugs in bold colors have the ability to mask stains easily.


2. A nice pattern can take the eyes away from stains, pet hair and dirt. For example - Multicolor braided rugs will be better than solid colored braided rugs.

3. Thicker rugs cushion more animal sounds such as barking as well as the sound of paws on the floor.

4. To further muffle the sound, add a rug pad underneath the rug. Rug pads are available everywhere now and also increase the life of the rug.

Dog Outdoor Green Braided Rugs

5. Some common problems with dogs and rugs is the pet hair that stick to the rug, so get a rug which is easy to clean. For example pet hair does not stick on Ultra Durable rugs and therefore we recommend them.

Jute Braided Rug

6. Cleaning: animals can have accidents so make sure your rug is easy to clean.

With the correct color, pattern and type of rug as well as with frequent cleaning, pets and rugs can both coexist in consonance.

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