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Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is a challenging place to decorate, most of the time due to a lack of space. There are simple ways that you can incorporate your style by choosing colors, textures, , faucets, fabrics and accessories that all work together to achieve the look you're going for. As with any other decorating venture, it is important to choose a decorating style before purchasing your home decor.


Other than selecting a color that matches the style of decorating you are going for, your color choices will largely be influenced by the size of your bathroom. If you have a smaller space, you will want to use light, bright colors. However, if your space is larger you may want to incorporate darker hues of color to create a cozy feeling. Once you have a color palette of at least 3-5 colors, you will want to assign those colors to specific areas of the room such as walls, the ceiling, flooring and décor items.


Utilizing different textures in the bathroom is a great way to add interest and incorporate specific styles at the same time. A great way to vary your textures is with different types of tiles via flooring, backsplashes or shower tiles. Tile offers different sheens, color combinations and grout choices. You may even want to consider creating an accent wall with mosaic tile. You can also differentiate textures by including wall displays for fluffy towels and by incorporating bath mats and area rugs for a softer look and feel under foot.

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You always want to choose fixtures and faucets that look great together. Usually it is best to choose the same finish for these items; however, you can combine some materials with white and black finishes if it works well with your style. The best part about these items is that you can choose styles that are simple and would work well with any style or you can choose pieces that are more eye catching and prominent in the specific style you are looking to implement.


When selecting shower curtains, window treatments and towels you are able to bring in patterns and colors that enhance your design style. These fabrics will work to bring all of the color elements in the room together. If you have a few different types of patterns and colors in the room already with tile, paint, countertops, etc. you may want to use your fabrics as neutrals so the room is not too busy. This all depends on the focal point of the design for the room.



Once the design of your bathroom is implemented it is time to accessorize. There are truly only a few accessories needed in the bathroom such as mirrors, towel hooks/racks and possibly a piece of art or a plant. Some bathrooms use all of the elements above so well that no additional accessories are needed. However, if you have a blank space on the wall or a spare spot on the counter this is a great chance to add a moisture resilient wall decoration or a vase of your favourite flowers that will provide a pop of color.

By taking time to plan and implements these elements of bathroom decorating, you will have a space that is stylish, beautiful and functional for your everyday needs.

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